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A former Derby resident is one of 24 people selected for a prestigious business grant.

Michelle Tran Maryns, founder of software company We Sparkle, will receive a $ 100,000 grant through the Bush Foundation in St. Paul, Minn. His company aims to provide easy-to-use software for small business owners – especially people of color and those from other minority groups.

“We basically provide a digital assistant that can help you with these tasks, like scheduling appointments, answering customer questions, and he also does some marketing tasks,” she said.

Maryns launched We Sparkle in October 2018, kicking off a pilot program in 2020 with beta customers. The company was originally scheduled to launch in March 2020, but due to the pandemic, the launch has been pushed back to July 2020.

Maryns was born in Wellington and moved with her family to Derby when she was around 1 years old. She attended school in Derby through middle school before opting for a high school boarding school.

Maryns attended the University of Kansas for her undergraduate degree and earned a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard. Maryns now lives with her husband in Minneapolis, where she has lived for the past decade.

Maryns previously worked for a non-profit organization that helps minority entrepreneurs succeed, gaining relevant experience that would help her found We Sparkle.

“Through this work, I have met many small business owners and learned about the challenges they face in being able to grow their businesses and manage their time better,” she said. “I decided to use the skills and experience I had to create different technology products over the years and develop software for them. “

According to the Bush Foundation website, the scholarship is “an investment in individuals to develop the skills and connections necessary to drive large-scale change.”

Maryns said she hoped to use the grant to participate in learning opportunities to develop her skills as a business leader, as well as to learn how companies like We Sparkle can not only make a profit but “help. people and the planet “.

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woman from Derby, Wichita ‘cyborg’ lawyer on behalf of amputees | Zoom Thu, 03 Jun 2021 15:40:00 +0000

When Sondra Stieber’s arm was amputated three years ago, the former science teacher at Haysville Middle School was dismayed at the lack of prosthetic options for upper limb amputees.

“They gave me a hook,” said the mother of eight and stepmother of two, 56 years old. “It’s really barbaric. It straps onto your shoulders, you have to move it with the solar plexus on your other arm, it’s hot, it rubs sores on your body, and the only benefit you get is a hook that opens and closes with a lot of work, so 90 percent of amputees don’t use them.

Meanwhile, Julie Dombo, a quadruple amputee from Derby, a teacher and counselor at Haysville Middle School who had retired a year before Stieber began teaching, was struggling to get insurance companies to pay. myoelectric and microprocessor-based prostheses, i.e. robotic hands.

A school worker who had worked with the two women visited Stieber in the hospital after his amputation in 2018 and said: “I have someone you need to meet.

“From the first time I met Julie, she felt like a friend,” Stieber said. “She’s so amazing, gives so much of her time, such a great mentor and role model. I think Julie and I both share a very positive outlook so this has been very helpful.

Fast forward to today.

Stieber is now a cyborg, having returned from New York to Wichita recently with an osteo-integrated myoelectric hand and equipped with pattern recognition software.

“It’s a big bite of techno-talk out there,” she laughed, “but that’s what makes me a cyborg.”

Osseointegration involves hollowing out the bone of the arm or leg and implanting a metal rod. The bone grows in the porous surface of the metal and becomes a permanent part of the body, and the prosthesis can attach to the implant. Stieber is only the second person in the United States to have the procedure on his arm.

A sleeve with sensors inside is worn around the upper arm and picks up nerve signals as they travel from the brain down the arm to the microprocessor in the fully functional hand with the opposable thumb – allowing Stieber to do so. move with his mind.

Dombo, 66, who was gunned down during an attempted theft from the Derby AT&T store in 2015, was responsible for obtaining Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Kansas to cover myoelectric and microprocessor prostheses for major fully insured group health insurance plans.

“Sondra’s hands are state of the art,” Dombo said. “They are where the future of prosthetics is going. This is not new ; it’s something amputees need and deserve.

Dombo said that an Amputee Coalition bill that has been hanging around in the US Senate since “probably 2014” reads in part:

“Amputees deserve anything that brings them back to the quality of life they can find – if they want to work, if they want to exercise, if they want to cook, whatever they want to do, they deserve a chance to come back. at this level of independence.

In the absence of federal action, the Amputee Coalition of America visited the states and provided training to amputees on how to get state bills passed. Dombo and her husband, John, attended in 2019, and she has set a goal of getting the bill passed in Kansas.

With the help of a lawyer / lobbyist who donated his time and unwavering determination, Dombo was able to get Blue Cross / Blue Shield to change its policy to cover myoelectric and microprocessor-funded prostheses funded by the group from the first of this year.

“You have to be part of the group plan, and the Haysville school district was,” Dombo said, “and that was the one I was working on so I could pay Sondra’s fees. [osseointegration] procedure.”

The insurance covered the osseointegration procedure for Stieber, but “when it came to covering the hand, I didn’t meet the criteria,” Stieber said. Anonymous donors paid the last $ 50,000 for the arm, but she racked up around $ 200,000 in medical bills.

Stieber will be the first to say it’s really worth it.

“My doctors are excited about my progress – they’ve even carted off,” she said. “They told me if I could hit a certain milestone by the end of the week, they would do cartwheels. I reached this milestone on the first day of therapy, so the doctor moved the table and let me film him cartwheeling.

“Knowing what the hand can do, I sometimes feel frustrated that I can’t learn faster, as it’s going to take months of therapy, but when it comes to progression, I get through the stages very quickly. “

Dombo turned 65 and signed up for Medicare in 2019 and Medicare won’t pay for microelectronics, “but with a lobbyist, you could make them keep paying to get yours fixed,” she said. “We are working to get Medicare to pay for newbies nationwide. If Medicare would, I think all insurance companies will. “

“I’m fighting for other people and that’s how I got Blue Cross / Blue Shield to change their policy, and then Aetna followed, and we hope United Health will too.”

During her struggles to get insurance companies to pay for myoelectric hands, a Koch Oil vice president and his wife who heard his story offered her the myoelectric hands that she was using in therapy at Peeples Prosthetics which cost $ 130,000 each.

“I was just shocked,” she said. “They went up the stairs [of our home] carrying boxes and I said, ‘these are my hands, what are you doing with my hands?’ They couldn’t even cancel me out as a tax deduction – I’m not a 501c3, ”she said. “So I have my hands and I use them all the time.”

Stieber was recently accepted as an advocate for the Amputee Coalition of America and was “offered a lot of speaking engagements.”

“I’m very interested in adult education and I think training teachers and prosthetists and letting doctors know that there is this new technology is important work,” she said.

“Between Julie’s advocacy for insurance approval and people like me letting people know that there are better devices, this is just going to revolutionize prosthetics for upper limb amputees. It will make all the difference in the world.

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Koch Equity Development Completes Acquisition of Transaction Network Services | New Tue, 01 Jun 2021 13:15:00 +0000

WICHITA, Kan., June 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A Subsidiary of Koch Equity Development LLC, an investment and acquisition subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc. (collectively, “Koch”), has announced that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Transaction Network Services, Inc. (“TNS”) subsidiaries of Siris Capital Group, LLC and other minority shareholders of TNS.

As part of the closing of the transaction, TNS, a global leader in infrastructure as a service, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch and will continue to operate under the current management of the company from its head office in Reston, Virginia.

“TNS appreciates the invaluable support provided by the Siris team over our eight-year partnership, and we look forward to continuing our close partnership with Koch as we enter our next stage of growth,” said Mike Keegan, CEO of TNS.

Rothschild & Co and Credit Suisse acted as financial advisers to Koch, and Jones Day was legal counsel to Koch. Evercore, Macquarie Capital and Barclays served as financial advisors to TNS and Sidley Austin LLP served as legal advisors to TNS.

For more information on the acquisition of Transaction Network Services by Koch Equity Development, please found here.

TNS is a leading global provider of infrastructure as a service solutions for mission critical applications and a trusted partner for thousands of financial institutions, telecommunications providers and retailers around the world. In business since 1990, TNS provides services to clients in over 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. Across its global managed platform, TNS securely enables billions of daily phone calls and electronic securities exchanges, as well as more than 34 billion annual payment transactions. TNS is also a leading provider of enhanced mobile caller ID and spam / auto call protection services through its subsidiary Cequint ( For more information, please visit

About Koch Equity Development LLC (KED)

With offices in Wichita and London, KED is responsible for M&A activity in Koch Industries, Inc. and for managing a large core investment portfolio. Major investments made include Infor, Getty Images, MI Windows and Doors, Global Medical Response, Meredith / Time Inc., Solera Holdings Inc. and The ADT Corporation. Since 2012, KED has invested more than $ 30 billion equity in major investments and acquisitions.

About Koch Industries, Inc.

Situated at Wichita, Kansas, Koch Industries, Inc. is one of America’s largest privately held companies, with estimated annual revenues of up to $ 115 billion, according to Forbes. It has a diverse group of companies involved in refining, chemicals and biofuels; forest and consumer products; fertilizers; polymers and fibers; process and pollution control systems; electronics, software and data analysis; the minerals; glass; automotive components; ranching; commodity trade; and investments. Since 2003, Koch companies have invested nearly $ 133 billion in growth and improvements. For more news and information, visit

Siris is a leading private equity firm that invests primarily in mature technology and telecommunications companies with mission-critical products and services, facing industry changes or other significant transitions. Siris’ development of proprietary research to identify opportunities and its extensive collaboration with its executive partners are integral to its approach. Siris Executive Partners are experienced senior executives who actively participate in key aspects of the transaction lifecycle to help identify opportunities and generate strategic and operational value. Siris is based at new York and Silicon Valley and raised nearly $ 6 billion in cumulative capital commitments.

SOURCE Koch Equity Development

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Data Discovery and Visualization Platform Market Advances, Key Players, Strategies to Drive Industry Growth 2027 Tue, 01 Jun 2021 05:35:35 +0000

Complete Data Discovery and Visualization Platforms Market Scenario with Qqualitative and Qquantitative Rresearch

SMI published a report entitled, Data discovery and visualization platform Market, providing comprehensive information on the current market situation and offering solid insight into the potential market size, volume and dynamics during the forecast period, 2021 to 2027. The research study offers a comprehensive analysis of the critical aspects Global Platforms Market data discovery and visualization including competition, segmentation, geographic advancement, manufacturing cost analysis, and price structure. we provided CAGR, value, volume, sales, production, revenue and other estimates for global and regional markets.

The intelligence of the SMI Data Discovery and Visualization Platforms Market report comprises surveys based on current scenarios, historical records, and future forecast. Conclude precise data on various aspects. It presents a 360 ° overview of the competitive landscape of industries. Thus, helping businesses understand the threats and challenges they face.

Data Discovery and Visualization Platforms Market the reports provide a comprehensive overview of market size and share. The Data Discovery and Visualization Platform’s market data reports also provide 5-year prehistoric and forecast for the industry and include data on global socio-economic data. Key stakeholders can consider the statistics, tables and figures mentioned in this report for strategic planning that leads to the success of the organization.

The Major Key Players Involved in the Data Discovery and Visualization Platforms Market: BizNet Software, Datameer, Domo, Dundas BI, Entrinsik Informer, GoodData, SAP, Tableau, IBM, JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS, Klipfolio, Looker, Periscope Data, Qlik, TIBCO, Zoho.

Regional Overview of Data Discovery and Visualization Platforms Market: –

North America Europe Asia Pacific South America Central East and Africa
United States, Canada and Mexico Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia Brazil, Argentina, Colombia Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa

The description:

• The primary objective of this report is to ensure its use by its users to understand the full scenario of the Data Discovery and Visualization Platform market. It gives an overall picture of the market in terms of segmentation, market potential, influencing trends and the challenges facing the market.

• It provides a detailed description of the major players and their marketing strategies followed by relevant press releases and documents to get an understanding of the competitive analysis market.

• Research is carried out by referring to Internet sources and statistical data from the technical editorial staff of government websites, trade associations and agencies. These sources are the most reliable, efficient and successful approach to obtaining accurate market data.

• The report offers detailed profiles of the major players with regional analysis and focuses on the major growing opportunities and challenges facing this market.

Don’t miss out on business opportunities in the Data Discovery and Visualization Platform market.

Benefits of Buying a Data Discovery and Visualization Platform Market Research Point of Sale Research Report: –

Customer satisfaction: The Market Research Outlet team will meet all research requirements and provide a personalized or collective report.

Inimitable know-how: Analysts to offer in-depth insight into Global Data Discovery and Visualization Platforms Market Analyst Support: Get Instant Query Solved by Expert Before and After Buying the Platforms Market Report data discovery and visualization

Quality assured: Market Research Outlet maintains the accuracy and quality of the Data Discovery and Visualization Platform marketplace

Top reasons to buy this report: –

  • The report presents a review of the Data Discovery and Visualization Platform Market,
  • The report makes historical and future assessments of market dynamics and offers accurate data in a well-organized order.
  • The report assesses the most important market growth potentials, dynamic market trends, driving factors, restraints, investment opportunities and threats.
  • The report further identifies key regions and segments dominating the market.

The report covers the impacts of COVID-19 in this market: –

The ongoing pandemic has reshaped various facets of the market. This research report provides financial impacts and market disruption on the Data Discovery and Visualization Platform market. It also includes an analysis of the potentials lucrative opportunities and challenges for the foreseeable future. They interviewed various industry delegates and got involved in primary and secondary research to equip customers with information and strategies to tackle market challenges amid and post-COVID-19 pandemic.

** Thank you for reading this article ; you can also get individual section by chapter or report versions by region like North America, Europe or Asia. **

Contact us:
Mr. Shah
Overview of the Stratagems Market
Tel: US +1 415 871 0703 / JAPAN + 81-50-5539-1737
E-mail: [email protected]

Posted by MN

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PlayStation users are excluded from Borderlands 3 cross-platform features Thu, 27 May 2021 19:10:51 +0000

Borderlands 3 Xbox, Windows, Stadia, and Mac console gamers will soon be able to band together across multiple platforms with an upcoming cross-play update. But players on PS4 and PS5 will be excluded from this group and will be forced to play only with other users on the PlayStation Network.

Gearbox co-founder and CEO Randy Pitchford discussed the situation in a tweet Thursday morning, saying that “an update for Borderlands 3 has been prepared for release which includes full cross-play support on all platforms “but that” for certification we have been required by the publisher [presumably Take Two] to remove cross play support for PlayStation consoles. “

Sony, you may remember, consistently blocked cross-platform capabilities on PlayStation consoles for years before finally opening its walled garden to cross-platform gaming in late 2018. Even after that, however, some developers have publicly gone accused Sony of “playing favorites” regarding which specific games were allowed to use the feature.

“When we shot [cross-play] on … we wanted to make sure we had thought of all the different ramifications of cross play, cross buy and cross progress, “Shawn Layden, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, told Game Informer in early 2019 . ” These are all three very low key aspects of what cross play is, and there are decisions you make to source these different pieces only if you do it quickly and hastily and [it’s] the wrong decision, you can get in a corner very quickly, and that impedes scalability over time and the ability to bring people in in a safe and secure manner. “

More recently, in the Epic Games vs. Apple test, Epic revealed the existence of a “multiplatform revenue sharing” agreement for “partners” who publish such games on PlayStation. A slide shared during trial presents a complicated formula to calculate this revenue split amount in months when the PS4 share in the overall monthly revenue of a game is less than 85% of the PS4 share in the overall monthly game time for that same Game.

“In certain circumstances, Epic will have to pay additional revenue to Sony,” Epic’s Tim Sweeney said during testimony at trial this month. “If someone played primarily on PlayStation but paid on iPhone, that could trigger compensation.”

This revenue-sharing policy, dated August 2019 in court documents, could be behind Take-Two’s apparent decision to let PlayStation gamers out. Borderlands 3 cross play. Representatives for Take-Two and Sony were not immediately available to respond to a request for comment from Ars Technica, but we’ll update this article if we have a response.

List image by 2K games

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Next-Gen Highlight video is coming to Royal Blood Song Wed, 26 May 2021 14:55:14 +0000

The MLB The Show 21 soundtrack contains plenty of music for fans to enjoy every pitch, hit and fielding in the game. There are currently over 20 songs in the game’s playlist, including songs from the game. ‘AC / DC, Onyx, Gorillaz, Juvenile and Foo Fighters. With a new song recently added to this list, The Show released a music video for the song by Royal Blood with next-gen play footage mixed in with the artist.

Royal Blood oblivion on the MLB The Show 21 soundtrack

On Wednesday, May 26, @MLBTheShow Twitter shared a promotional clip for their game, MLB The Show 21, which also features “new track” Oblivion by British artist Royal Blood. The English rock duo formed in 2011 and released their third album last April. Typhoons features 11 tracks on the Standard Album, including Oblivion, now featured on the MLB The Show 21 soundtrack.

In the video below, various images from the game show Bryce Harper of the Phillies preparing to beat, Aaron Judge of the Yankees on the field and Shohei Ohtani of the Angels throwing a pitch. The video, which records in less than a minute, also features legends such as Rollie Fingers and Fernando Valenzuela. Of course, the reel wouldn’t be complete without a final draw from MLB The Show 21 cover star Fernando Tatis.

Other songs from the MLB The Show 21 soundtrack include AC / DC’s Shot in the Dark, Onyx’s Slam, Foo Fighters’ Making a Fighter, and Juvenile’s Ha. Royal Blood’s Oblivion made its way onto the soundtrack starting April 30 in an update on The Show.

The British rock duo released Typhoons, the album including Oblivion on the same date. It is ranked as high as # 3 on the American Rock Albums chart and # 1 on the OCC UK Albums chart.

First edition of the game on next-gen Xbox

The in-game footage in the clip above was “Captured on Next Gen hardware,” according to the text of the video. MLB The Show 21 is the first game released for Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S consoles. This is also the first year that The Show has been available on the Xbox platform.

In addition to the Oblivion music video, The Show also released another promotional clip, referencing the Game Informer review. In this review, Game Informer called The Show 21 “… one of the best of all video game sports”.

This pits him against titles like EA’s Madden 21, FIFA 21, and NHL 21, as well as 2K’s NBA 2K21. Competing baseball titles currently include RBI Baseball 21, but EA appears to have plans for a baseball title in the future. They announced their purchase of Metalhead Software several weeks ago.

Metalhead has developed the title Super Mega Baseball, which does not feature actual MLB stars but more cartoon-style arcade-type characters. Players have, however, found ways to develop rosters with their own representations of MLB players.

For now, it looks like MLB The Show 21 is holding up well in its first release on next-gen consoles. To date, the game holds scores of 78 out of 100 on PS5 and 81 out of 100 on Xbox Series X / S, per Overall Metacritic review scores.

Visit VGR’s MLB page to see more baseball video game stories.

]]> 0 Where to buy Xbox Series X UK – Latest restocking updates from Microsoft, Game, Currys and more Wed, 26 May 2021 09:41:50 +0000

Finding where to buy the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the UK has been a bit lackluster these months so far; Xbox Series X restockings have been rather sporadic and limited. Microsoft reportedly made a restocking early this morning, but we haven’t seen any stock on hand at the time of writing. However, Asda has the Xbox Series S is still available if you want a console that is close but less powerful.

But to help you in what ways we can, we’ve rounded up a selection of alternative retailers that may have Xbox Series X stock. Take a look at the links and buying tips below for a chance to find where to buy the. Xbox Series X or Series S in UK.

Where to buy Xbox Series X UK: latest updates