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Xfinity Series pilot Josh Williams, Sherry Pollex and Jes Ferreira have been selected as finalists for the 2022 Comcast Community Champion of the Year award.

The award was created to recognize the philanthropic efforts of individuals within the NASCAR industry.

The 2022 Comcast Community Champion of the Year will be selected by a panel of Comcast and NASCAR executives, as well as Curtis Francois, owner of World Wide Technology Raceway, who received the award in 2021 for his work with The Raceway Gives Foundation. , which focuses on STEM education and diversity.

Comcast will donate $60,000 to the champion’s affiliate charity and $30,000 to each of the charities selected by the two remaining finalists. The 2022 Comcast Community Champion will be announced at a reception during NASCAR Champions Week.

Comcast’s Xfinity brand entered NASCAR as an Authorized Partner of the NASCAR Xfinity Series in 2015 and is now also a Presenting Partner of the NASCAR Cup Series. Since then, the company has donated $840,000 to more than 21 different NASCAR-affiliated organizations to honor their efforts and help build the impact of their worthy causes. Fans can visit to learn more about past and present finalists and their acts of selflessness.

2022 Comcast Community Champion of the Year Finalists:

Josh Williams – Many would say that despite his NASCAR resume, Josh Williams – driver of the #92 DGM Racing car for the Xfinity Series – has even more impressive off-track accomplishments. Throughout his career, Josh has volunteered his time visiting more than 150 hospitals in person and recently even more via Zoom during the pandemic. Through these visits, he had the opportunity to meet countless children, as well as their families, to show them his support.

As an extension of these tours, Josh enlisted the help of OhmniLabs to use their telepresence robots, which allow some of these children to virtually experience on-track garage tours right from their hospital beds. Josh’s efforts have also formed a relationship with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is building closed-circuit television and radio studios in children’s hospitals across the country to augment experiences for patients who cannot make it to the track.

To show the world his support for these children, Josh collects a painted handprint from each child he visits. For his final race of each NASCAR season, his race car is wrapped in a composite image of each of these children’s handprints, honoring them and the work of children’s hospitals around the world.

Sherry Pollex — After being diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer, Sherry Pollex knew she wanted to help others who would one day be caught unawares by this terrible disease.

In 2016, Sherry launched; a website created to empower women to learn about their bodies and recognize the symptoms of ovarian cancer with a focus on healthy living through holistic and integrative medicine. However, the launch of Sherry Strong was not the start of Sherry’s community outreach efforts, but rather a continuation of them.

Sherry Strong is an offshoot of the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization she started with her longtime partner, Martin in 2007. The foundation was originally created to help children with cancer. When Sherry received her diagnosis, the foundation’s mission was then refocused to raise awareness, strengthen advocacy and generate financial support for underfunded cancer control initiatives specific to childhood and ovarian cancers. ; two of the most widespread and underfunded diseases affecting children and women in America today.

Through, social media and appearances across the country, Sherry has spent years educating women about the choices they have for their bodies, integrative and holistic medicine, self-care practices such as yoga, acupuncture, exercise, meditation, supplements and Suite. Sherry inspires women daily to find joy in the midst of life’s trials and not let illness steal their gratitude or peace. Sherry educates women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer and how to continuously defend themselves until answers are found.

Jes Ferreira — Amid all the turmoil of the pandemic, CSM Production’s Senior Director of Live Shows, Jes Ferreira, looked for an opportunity to give back. Despite her heavy workload, she decided to take on an even greater challenge by becoming the adoptive parent of two young girls aged 5 and 8.

Jes first got a foster license to become a foster parent for a child but a few months later the child’s younger brother needed a new foster home. Although Jes already had a crazy work schedule that included trips to the race track most weekends in addition to welcoming a child as a single parent, she knew without a doubt that these two siblings deserved to be together in foster care. Now two young siblings going through the toughest time of their lives have been reunited thanks to Jes’ selflessness and big heart.

Every day, there are nearly 424,000 foster children in the United States. In 2019, more than 672,000 children spent time in foster care in the United States. On average, children remain in state care for more than a year and a half, and 5% of children in foster care have languished there for five years or more. Now, Jes has given two of those nearly half a million children a safe home and new experiences that will help shape their lives for the better.

Jes’ affiliated charity is Foster Village Charlotte, an organization that enables foster parents to connect and support each other. FVC works with 16 private foster parent licensing agencies, local government, child welfare organizations and the community to serve families holistically and represent the voice of the foster family to the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services (DSS).

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