PlayStation’s recent investment in From Software could include TV and film opportunities

Sony might be interested in helping produce movies and TV shows based on From Software games.

This news comes from a new interview between Reuters and Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, in which Hulst explains PlayStation’s recent investments in its PC and mobile efforts, as well as its recent investment in developer Elden Ring From Software. According to Hulst, “new investments in areas that will bolster expansion across PC, mobile and live services” are certainly a possibility for PlayStation.

However, Hulst’s answer to the question of Sony’s investment in the studio is perhaps more interesting for From Software fans.

“You should think first and foremost about collaborations on the game development side, but it’s also not unthinkable with our efforts at PlayStation Productions that we explore opportunities,” he said.

While Sony has a 14.09% stake in From Software, that’s not quite enough to make decisions independently of the studio’s other investors, such as Tencent, which acquired 16.25% of From Software shortly. around the same time Sony invested. So while PlayStation Productions may one day be interested in a Bloodborne horror movie or an Elden Ring TV series about Jar Bairn, for example, From Software and its other investors should also give the green light. Hopefully though, because From Software properties, be it Bloodborne, Elden Ring, Dark Souls or whatever, seem ripe for a screen adaptation.

While we wait to see if anything comes of it, read how Bloober Team does a TV series adaptation, then read how Sony develops the screen adaptations of God of War, Gran Turismo, and Horizon after that.

[Source: Reuters]

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