New Canva product suite could boost income for freelancers

Canva, the no-code design platform, has launched a new suite of visual communication products that aim to empower everyone to design and communicate their ideas. Whether you’re a small business owner, nonprofit, teacher, individual content creator, or corporate organization, these tools could make your pitch stand out; help you better coordinate with customers; boost your social media engagement and complement your freelance services, increasing your earning power.

The Canva Visual Work Suite includes a variety of new tools, including:

Video tools

Since the launch of Canva Video on canvasits community has created over a billion videos. There is now a suite of new features for video creation and editing process easier and more enjoyable. This is a cost saver for freelancers and another revenue stream to explore. Gone are the days of needing expensive software or advanced training to create professional and engaging videos.

Canva docs

Canva docs can range from proposals to project plans, to-do lists, strategy documents or even travel itineraries; Documents are a timeless way to communicate your ideas.

Canva Websites

Clunky coding, non-editable web designs, and expensive website hosting are now a thing of the past, says Canva. Canva Websites promises a new way for people to create beautiful, responsive, and interactive websites for any device.

Canva whiteboards

Canva whiteboards are now available to the entire Canva community. Whiteboards can be used to help collaborating freelancers and their clients bring a new approach to shaping and exploring ideas together, combining the ease and simplicity of Canva’s editing experience with a new infinite canvas and range of features designed for brainstorming and team collaboration.

Purpose-built for team members to quickly and easily chime in and add their thoughts no matter where they are in the world or what device they’re working on, making remote working and asynchronous collaboration more fun and seamless.

VSinematic presentations and presentation tools

Cloth Presentations now include dazzling new transitions, including Match and Move, which recognizes images or text on two different slides, regardless of size, location or color. With a click, these elements smoothly transform to give an animated look and feel and make the slides even more cinematic.

After the launch of Canva’s new video suite, you’ll soon be able to choose to edit your presentation as a video. Switch from the traditional thumbnail editing view to our new timeline, which reveals an intuitive slider to help you get an idea of ​​timing, or add and perfectly sync multiple audio tracks in seconds.

They also launched Data Visualizations 2.0, which allows freelancers to turn data (including spreadsheets) into animated, interactive data visualizations suitable for any Canva design. Whether you’re looking to create an animated bar graph, a detailed sunburst, or an interactive pie chart, now it’s easier than ever to make complex data more engaging and understandable for any type of audience.

Finally, for anyone tired of hearing the phrase “next slide, please,” Canva’s new remote allows multiple presenters to connect to a virtual clicker from any device to navigate and manage slides, remotely or in person. Whether you’re on stage with your phone or presenting from your laptop, you’re in control of your slides.

canvas print catalog

Now you can design and create over 35 different print products. Simply create your design and with just one click Canva will deliver it right to your doorstep. It’s not limited to posters or flyers – now you can print everything from hoodies to mugs, photo books and even baby outfits in just minutes. For its community in the United States, users can now also choose to collect their Canvas Print order in-store at approximately 1,100 FedEx Office or Staples locations for Canada-based users.

Committed to ensuring a sustainable future, they will plant a tree for every print order placed with them. So far they have planted 2.4 million trees and pledged to plant 5 million by the end of 2022.

Canva for teams

Whether you are a team of 2 or 22,000, the new Canva for teams product was designed to grow with you. With Canva for Teams, they’re introducing new features to help all types of teams collaborate to build and grow their brands, engage audiences, and stand out with engaging content, all while having fun.

New team management features let you set permission levels for team members based on whether they should create templates that everyone can use or get the most out of consistent team templates that have already been designed using your company’s branding kit.

Track how your team is using Canva with our advanced team reporting features and measure the effectiveness of work produced in Canva for clients or clients with Design Insights that shows you view counts and who interacts with your content.

Being a force for good is an extremely important part of our mission at Canva, so we’re excited to announce that all of these new features, and the entire Canva for Teams platform, will also be available for free to those who qualify. Nonprofitup to 50 team seats.

Canva Creator Program

With over 1.5 million templates and 22 million graphics/images, the Canva Creators ProgramAlready gives me birth to some of the most amazing photographers, illustrators, and template designers using Canva, with all of their diverse designs available in our content library.

Canva Creators is a marketplace. It’s a thriving community of graphic designers, artists, illustrators, and educators who can get creative, earn an income, and achieve their goals. Together they are building the best and most diverse library of content in the world, pooling knowledge from all professions and cultural backgrounds to provide design inspiration to every corner of the world.

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Developer Market

Canva says it has “quietly partnered with some of the world’s top developers, freelancers, and integration partners to help build Canva’s future.”

They launched an App Marketplace, powered by the new Canva API. Their App Marketplace will make Canva the most pluggable platform in the world and allow any developer, anywhere to create directly in Canva.

“For the first time, we’ve opened our design engine to developers around the world, giving them unprecedented flexibility to build apps and integrations in Canva. Some of our newest apps and integrations include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox and Bynder – and that’s just the beginning.

  • As more developers create innovative apps in Canva, you’ll be able to complete entire workflows in Canva. Adding new elements to your designs will be richer and more functional – for example, our QR Code app lets you instantly add a QR code to any design, no coding required.

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