Nexus Imaging Solutions Introduces Laserfiche Software with Automated Audio and Video Transcription

ATLANTA, GA/ACCESSWIRE/September 27, 2022/ Nexus Imaging Solutions is a content management provider that helps companies establish comprehensive workflow strategies. Having formed alliances with other industry leaders, they provide a wide range of software solutions to meet all production-level needs. With a focus on Laserfiche technology, Nexus Imaging Solutions helps businesses replace outdated storage methods. Founded in 2015 by William Penson, the company prides itself on helping businesses of all sizes transform their day-to-day operations.

“At Nexus Imaging Solutions, we are proud to introduce Laserfiche software with automated video transcription, enabling businesses to accurately and efficiently transcribe digital content. Laserfiche provides smart, easy-to-use solutions to help businesses increase productivity and deliver optimal results.

As a trusted industry leader, the professionals at Nexus Imaging Solutions offer a wide range of ECM solutions so businesses can successfully manage their online content.

“In addition, those interested in our products and services can request a free consultation to demonstrate our processes. We set the industry standard for enterprise content management and all software can be customized to meet specific needs. of your company.”

For more information on their offers, you can visit the official website at or click here to view their latest advertisement which highlights the benefits of their packages.

About Nexus Imaging Solutions, LLC

Nexus Imaging Solutions is an information technology provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. Specializing in content management and digitization services, their goal is to help businesses improve productivity through user-friendly interfaces. As a recipient of Laserfiche’s 2022 Rising Star Award, the professionals at Nexus Imaging Solutions are committed to providing industry-leading customer service.

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