Entrinsik Releases Informer 5.6 – Database Trends and Applications

Entrinsik releases the latest version of Informer, building on the ease of use of the platform and continuing to respond to user requests. The company launched 5.6 in a webinar showcasing all the new features.

“We’re all excited about this release,” said Evan Culler, senior software engineer at Informer. “We listened to your feedback on how to advance the product, add new workflows, and make things easier.”

New features include:

  • Dashboard input filters– Dashboard builders can now add easy-to-use filters to dashboard viewers, allowing users to visualize the data they care about with just a few clicks.
  • Snapshots– Provides a platform to report and interact with historical and current data. Enables organizations to retain and load data from previous dataset refreshes for use in the dataset viewer, dashboards, and visuals.
  • Trend table– Represents data change in a percentage change table with grouping and subgrouping. Display various column groups, including year to date.
  • Exporting the pivot table– Users can easily export pivot table (table, table with subtotals and tree) to PDF format.
  • Domain Attribute Mapping– Allows users to bring properties stored on the domain as user attributes, including user fields.
  • Improved distinct value filters– Provides easier search and navigation, including sorting and selecting all/clearing all.
  • Ad hoc query copy– Users with the appropriate permissions can make a copy of an ad hoc query shared with them.
  • New PDF file attached– Allows users to create an attachment type – New PDF file – featuring a robust WYSIWYG editor.

To see a complete overview of the latest additions to Informer 5.6, register for the webinar here.

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