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In 2018, 36 of the country’s 50 states held gubernatorial elections. A record 16 women were the party’s leading candidates for governor, nine of whom were successful, making the current number of female governors tied with the all-time record number set in 2004. The LGBTQ+ community has also made historic strides, as Jared Polis of Colorado became the first openly gay man to be elected governor in the United States, and Kate Brown of Oregon, who is bisexual, won re-election in her state. .

Fast forward to the 2022 elections and 36 states go one more time elect – or re-elect – their governors. But who are these powerful politicians and what did they do before taking power over their states?

While the 50 governors bring with them experiences from different backgrounds, some share several commonalities. A total of four current governors have served in the military and 15 have at one time served as lieutenant governors of their states. Eleven governors have previously served in the US House of Representatives, while only one was a former US senator.

Stacker analyzed past roles each current governor had before taking office and found resumes ranging from positions as cabinet secretaries to CEO of an ice cream company. Read on to learn where each state governor developed and honed the leadership skills that propelled them into public office.

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