VIDEO INTERVIEW: Appian EVP Engineering, Suvajit Gupta talks about low-code trends, developer talent and technology transformations

GUEST TALK: Before Appian was a company, its founders had a sense of the culture needed to sustain innovation and value, and the belief that talented, passionate people with the power and autonomy to excel, will produce amazing results. Appian is the result, with its ever-evolving low-code automation platform combining people, technology and data in a single workflow to maximize resources and dramatically improve business results, with Suvajit Gupta who joins us to discuss, explore and more.

Appian. Founded in 1999 and far beyond low-code alone, Appian’s ever-evolving low-code platform accelerates businesses by discovering, designing, and automating their most important processes, combining the key capabilities needed to accelerate work.

These key features include process mining, workflow, and automation, all in one unified platform.

Fast forward to the second half of 2022, and as the world as a whole finally appears to be emerging from the pandemic, financial, logistical and manufacturing challenges remain. Companies must also strive to meet their digital transformation goals, satisfy their customers, address developer shortages and retain talent.

iTWire spoke for the first time with Appian CEO and co-founder Matt Calkins in two excellent video interviews, the first in late 2020 and the second in mid-2021, both exploring the revolution of low-code, hyper automation, business and more, with the two interviews a great discussion with one of the most impressive CEOs in the tech world.

Then, in February of this year, we spoke with Appian Regional Vice President APAC Luke Thomas about adding no-code Process Mining to the platform, the benefits it offers, the bottlenecks strangulation it alleviates, etc.

iTWire The latest interview is with Suvajit Gupta, Executive Vice President of Engineering at Appian, who explained Appian’s latest developments, low-code market trends, developer talent shortages, and more. and that interview is embedded below.

After that, you’ll see two more embedded videos, the first of which is a talk Suvajit gave at a Gartner summit last year about how low-code is jet fuel for app development, and the second is a short video on the August release of Appian 22.3, the company’s latest platform update, which democratizes data modeling and automation so that any user can deliver workflows and applications 10 times faster without writing a single line of code.

This is followed by a summary of topics discussed with Suvajit, so please watch and read on!

Low-code is the Jet Fuel for app development – from the Gartner Summit in 2021:

What’s new in Appian 22.3:

Here is a summary of the topics discussed with Suvajit Gupta:

  • I began by introducing Suvajit, noting previous interviews with Matt and Luke, and asked him to please remind us of Appian’s products, services and capabilities as we record, now well into the second half of 2022.
  • Commenting on how there’s more talk about low-code than ever before, Suvajit explains why it remains so important, and the advances Appian has made to its platform that we needed to know about.
  • Suvajit then took a broader look at low-code market trends, followed by a discussion on the state of the development market, whether there is enough talent to meet demand, what the industry can do to attracting and retaining developers, and whether local transformation projects are threatened.
  • After that, I asked Suvajit to comment on his thoughts on what’s holding back better digital transformation and what companies and businesspeople don’t know they should.
  • Cybersecurity was my next question and how Appian is handling all of this, followed by Suvajit’s views on how Appian should evolve over the next two years.
  • We ended by talking about the first computer used by Suvajit, which led him to become interested in engineering, the good advice he received in life and his last message to viewers and readers, as well as customers and current and future Appian partners.

So to find out why Appian cracked code on low-code a long time ago and why it’s a great platform you need to know about, please watch the video interview with the EVP of Engineering from Appian, Suvajit Gupta above!


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