Splatoon 3 had the best launch ever for a Switch game in Japan

Splatoon 3 is already shaping up to be another hit for the franchise and Nintendo. Selling 3.45 million copies since Friday in Japan, Splatoon 3 had the best launch ever for a Switch game in Japan, as reported Eurogamer.

This includes both digital and physical sales. It’s safe to say that the squid (and Octoling) community is off to a good start with the Switch-exclusive threequel. According Eurogamerhowever, while the game also went to number one on the UK boxed charts, as reported GamesIndustry.biz, overall launch sales are down 9% from Splatoon 2 there. However, the UK’s boxed chart only included physical games, so the decline may not be present when digital games are taken into account. It’s unclear how Splatoon 3 is doing in the US, but it’s generally trending in the UK

“Nintendo Co., LTD…announced that domestic sales of the Splatoon 3 game for the Nintendo Switch console exceeded 3.45 million units in the first three days since its launch on September 9, 2022,” it said. declared Nintendo Press release bed. “This is the highest national level of sales of any Nintendo software in the first three days.”

It’s no surprise that Splatoon 3 is selling well in Japan and elsewhere – it’s awesome! And you can read why in the game informant Splatoon 3 review.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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