GameStop sued for allegedly sharing chat logs with third party

GameStop was sued for illegally sharing chat log transcripts on the company’s website with a third party.

Like many companies, GameStop has a chat interface on its website, where users can ask questions and get help from customer service. As reported by BloombergMiguel A. Licea filed the proposed class action lawsuit on Tuesday, September 6. The filing claims that GameStop sells chat data to Zendesk, a software company.

Additionally, the game retailer would not notify customers using the feature that their information is being sold in violation of the California Invasion of Privacy Act. According to the claim, Zendesk “boasts its ability to collect personal data from the transcripts for sales and marketing purposes.”

The claim was filed in California and the scope of the class action relates to California residents who visited GameStop’s website and whose information was recorded and/or shared without their consent.

This week, GameStop released its revenue report, which showed a loss of $108.7 million. Last month, GameStop’s NFT Marketplace sold games as NFTs without permission from the creators. In July, GameStop fired a senior executive and caused layoffs across the company, including at Game Informer. This lawsuit is yet another area where the company is struggling and under intense public scrutiny.

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