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Like most people, I tried my hand at content creation. As such, I fell for the normal pitfalls and experimented with an array of video editors. My preferred option was adobe premiere, but this professional editor was wasted on me. Instead, I wanted something that was intuitive, easy to use, and quick to pick up. It’s here that ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor comes into play. It is an amazing piece of software that is ideal for both beginners and more advanced users.

Plus, it won’t break the bank and has three price tiers to choose from. First, there’s the free option which has everything included, but there’s a catch. A little intro and outro for the product is included in everything you create. If that’s not for you, there’s a one-time payment option. For around $80, you get a perpetual license with each upgrade to version 6. However, any new programs will need to be purchased separately. Finally, there is an annual payment plan. For around $30 per year you get every upgrade and the latest software version. The last two options don’t have the intro and ending videos, so your final product isn’t marred by unnecessary ads.

Whichever one is right for you, you know you’ll be rewarded with a great editing program. Plus, there’s a screenshot mode, standalone voice recording, and more. As such, it’s an incredibly versatile tool that will tick the much-needed boxes for many would-be content creators.

ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor blew my mind.

My aforementioned use of adobe premiere prepared me for complex and often convoluted experiences. As a result, I expected a steep learning curve and many hours of trial and error. However, instead, ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor blew me away with its ease of use. With easy-to-follow guides and obvious tiles to work with, you can get straight to work. Yes, some advanced options are missing Adobe offers, but many people won’t miss them.

Instead, you can get to grips with trimming, trimming, filtering, and transitioning the clips you want. Plus, there’s a range of great filters to use to modify your final product. Luckily, to make things easier, every layer you’ve created can be added to every clip to ensure consistent continuity. Along with that, audio and video can be split to play with each element. Additionally, you can adjust or completely mute the volume if you wish.

This brings me to one of my minor issues with the software. Where adobe premiere excels is its audio balancing technology. Unfortunately, ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor does not have this option. Therefore, if you have many small clips, you have to manually merge and balance them. This is a key area to work on in the future. This is especially important because there is no dB indicator. Thereafter, getting the right voice and video levels takes some effort.

Make your videos stand out.

Being able to place two clips together is all well and good. However, for a professional finish, you will need smooth transitions, overlays, animations, unique text, and more. Luckily, many of these options are free to download or included from the get-go. Plus, placing transition elements between clips is simple and hassle-free.

If you’re familiar with editing, you’ll like some of the regular choices available. However, ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor also has some unusual ideas. Hence, your videos will stand out and stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the excellent user interface, it is easy to change the transparency and duration of the effect. As such, you feel in complete control of every video you create.

ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor is easy to use.

What was particularly great was the drag-and-drop functionality. Clips are imported in a separate window and you are free to place them as you wish. As a result, swapping clips and changing your movie is incredibly easy. Along with that, you’ll enjoy up to 60fps, frame-by-frame scrolling, unlimited tracks for video, audio, and images, and more.

As a result, we know that the editing side is excellent. But what about export items? Well, those were also phenomenal. With a simple pop-up design, you can quickly select from an array of choices. Download to Youtube Where Vimeo, select a device specific to the file such as a mobile phone or game console, or store the file on your computer. Whatever you decide, it’s as simple as that.

Of course, you can go deeper by improving the compression quality and size. A word of warning, however, the file size can be quite large when using 4k. Still, you don’t need to worry too much when downloading to Youtube like their system compresses hell, anyway.

Mere mortals can access it.

When video editing is mentioned, the words high performance computer normally follow. Fortunately, ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor does not require a beast of a machine to operate. That being said, the better the animal, the better it performs. Still, I understand that high-end technology isn’t within everyone’s reach, and this software runs on mid-powered machines.

Your specifications are as follows. Intel Core i3 Where AMD Ryzen (2 GHz or faster), 8 GB of RAM (16 GB of RAM recommended), a DirectX 10 compatible graphics adapter, a 1024x768px screen (1920x1080px recommended), and only 4 GB of available hard disk space. As you can see, these are by no means top-notch specs, and therefore most “average” users can run this program. Unfortunately, however, mac the owners are out of luck because it is a Windows only piece of software.

ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor is designed for enthusiasts.

Video editing is not traditionally aimed at the amateur market. However, ACDsee Luxea 6 Video Editor broke that mould. As a result, it allows more potential creators to show off their skills and video content. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to pick up. On top of that, its finished product is on the rise with market leading programs at a quarter of the price. It is for these reasons that I recommend that you buy it here!

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