Top Netflix movies and shows: what are the trends for August 23, 2022?

Every pet owner has wondered at one point or another what’s really going on in the mind of their four-legged friend and, from the headlines we’ve found in Netflix’s Top 10 Tuesday August 23, 2022, it looks like it was very busy. login to find an answer to this question. When it comes to the big TV shows on Netflix appearing in the platform’s Top 10 TV Shows in the US, it looks like there’s been a fair amount of makeup goers and a new wave of Riverdale fans also tuned in over the past day. There’s more to be said about the shows and big movies on Netflix that have stood out particularly popular on Netflix (opens in a new tab) today, so let’s go with our latest breakdown.

Cats from inside a cat's mind

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Top 10 Movies on Netflix in the US – August 23, 2022

Once again, Lili Reinhart’s multiversal romantic comedy Look both waystwo-part documentary Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Existand Jamie Foxx’s action-packed vampire comedy Day shift are first, second and third on Netflix’s top 10 movies today, but are now followed directly by The next 365 days – the third installment in the controversial franchise – and the ever-popular animated sequel Sing 2which, itself, is now followed by Unexplored. Debuting on the list below, the seventh-place hit video game movie is In the mind of a cat – a new Netflix original film that takes an in-depth look at the felines of Emmy-nominated nature documentarian Andy Mitchell. Beneath the cuddly doc is the Russo Brothers The gray man (down from yesterday) and the romantic movie purple heartswhich still ranks ninth like yesterday, but now sits above another thriller starring Ana de Armas from 2019 called The informant.

  • 1. Look both ways
  • 2. Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist
  • 3. Day shift
  • 4. The next 365 days
  • 5. Sing 2
  • 6. Uncharted
  • 7. In the Mind of a Cat
  • 8. The Gray Man
  • 9. Purple Hearts
  • 10. The Informant

Betty and Archie in Riverdale.

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Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix in the US – August 23, 2022

Once again, Lili Reinhart appears in both the Top 10 Movies and Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix today as she and the cast of Riverdale returned after three absences and currently sit ninth among other comic book adaptations locke and key and animation video game adaptation, The Cuphead Show. During this time, the echoes cast, the stars of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed adaptation The sand manmexican series High heatand co-creator Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age comedy-drama I have never still dominate the top four, but are now directly followed by Glow Up: the next makeup star. The British reality competition, now in its fourth season, has essentially switched places with the mega-popular fantasy series stranger thingswhile feel-good romance Virgin River – which also recently launched its fourth season – remains in seventh place.

  • 1. Echoes
  • 2. The Sandman
  • 3. High heat
  • 4. I have never
  • 5. Glow Up: the next makeup star
  • 6. Stranger Things
  • 7. Virgin River
  • 8. Locke & Key
  • 9.Riverdale
  • 10. The Cuphead Show

We could see Unexplored joined by another Mark Wahlberg film in the upcoming Original Comedy me time (also featuring Kevin Hart) will premiere this Friday. Plus, people who love Netflix original true-crime documentaries can find out all about antivirus software developer and fugitive criminal John McAfee in Run with the Devil: The Savage World of John McAfee when it drops tomorrow. If any of these titles sound like a good time to you, get yourself a Netflix subscription (if you’re not already) and come back here for a future daily breakdown to see if they made it into the Top 10 of Netflix.

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