AMD releases a Linux audio driver for the “pink sardine”

The colorful and sleazy codenames aren’t over for AMD’s Linux driver team! While on the GPU side they have moved to a block-by-block IP enable strategy for their future GPUs, on the audio coprocessor side AMD today released a series of fixes codenamed “Pink Sardine” .

AMD has released a set of fixes to enable the Audio Co-Processor (ACP) on the “Pink Sardine” APU. The ACP block is version 6.2.

This is the first we’ve heard of AMD’s Pink Sardine. Previously, AMD codenamed Green Sardine for its Ryzen 5000 “Cezanne” APU graphics work. Meanwhile, Yellow Carp was their codename for Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” activation work on Linux before abandoning the practice of GPU-side codenaming to focus on their more modular activation strategy which also makes more difficult to decipher the final hardware details on the various IP blocks.

Pink Sardine uses IP ACP v6.2. ACP 6.x was introduced with Rembrandt.

The patch series simply refers to Pink Sardine as, “The Pink Sardine platform is a new APU series based on the acp6.2 design.

With Linux 6.0, AMD introduced Raphael audio support, so Pink Sardine is not the desktop Ryzen 7000 series. It’s possible that Pink Sardine is an alternate codename for the Ryzen 7000 “Phoenix” mobile APUs that would have succeeded Rembrandt or it may also be an alternate codename for the next Mendocino budget APUs, but Mendocino was using already codenamed Sabrina. Anyway, we will see over time what the AMD Pink Sardine is.

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