Entrinsik offers best practices for migrating to Informer 5

Whether users are delaying the move to Informer 5 due to a lack of migration and IT resources, the idea of ​​transferring reports, or other projects, Entrinsik wants to make the migration easier with some migration best practices and resources.

Entrinsik provides users with a migration guide that contains tools for a successful migration. The Data Collection Workbook can collect and document information needed during the migration from Informer 4 to Informer 5 to track its progress.

During migration, users can also use Informer’s managed services to support data needs more effectively and efficiently. The corporate team can focus on organizational priorities and contribute to business results while an expert from the Entrinsik team ensures custom needs are met, creating visuals and information to help to make important decisions based on data.

Entrinsik Informer 5 features a multi-tenant architecture that allows VARS and ISVs developing and deploying software to quickly service multiple customers using a single instance of Informer. The platform also includes the Mapping Suites feature which greatly simplifies the creation of reports from databases with partition scheme layouts found in various industries including the Education space.

Version 5.5 features Internationalized UI support for Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, and German, as well as date and time support based on a user’s locale.

A new top-level global search bar makes it easy to find anything in the Informer system with just a few keystrokes. The global search bar searches all entities in your Informer system and provides results in a categorized manner.

Additionally, a new parameter bar on the Ad Hoc Query page displays parameters that support a result set with data.

For more information on migrating to the latest version, see www.entrinsik.com.

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