Crusoe Energy Systems Announces Participation in Program to Develop Equitable Computer Training

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Crusoe Energy Systems Inc. (Crusoe) today announced its sponsorship of the Denver cohort of the CSforALL Accelerator program, a new initiative of the computer science (CS) advocacy organization CSforALL. The Accelerator is a two-year cohort model program focused on accelerating local communities’ progress toward core-standards-aligned IT education for all learners and improving access to learning opportunities. interest-based computer learning.

Local Denver cohort partners will include Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, Colorado School of Mines and Denver Public Schools. They will design a program that will result in increased awareness of computer science education in the community; increased capacity of community institutions to create a healthy ecosystem of opportunities; and increased learner opportunities and participation in computer education activities for school-aged children. Accelerator funding will be used to support community goals based on the specific needs of the Denver community.

“Crusoe is passionate about the future of IT innovations and empowering our local communities, which starts with our education system,” said Chase Lochmiller, CEO and Co-Founder of Crusoe Energy. “As a Denver-based company, we are excited to help bring the CSforALL Acceleration Program to the Denver Public Schools system to advance the sustainable and equitable implementation of CS education.”

“CSforALL is energized by the launch of the Accelerator Program and the first local cohort that will foster sustainable computer literacy for young people across our nation,” said Bernell Murray, Project Director, Accelerator Program, CSforALL. “As part of our inaugural cohort, with support from Crusoe Energy and Friends and Affiliates, we will increase CS education opportunities for nearly 100,000 Denver K-12 students over the next two years.”

Denver is one of six communities chosen for the first cohort of the CSforALL Accelerator program, along with: Miami, FL; Nashville, TN; Washington D.C.; Duluth, MN; and Detroit, MI. Together, these cities have the potential to reach more than half a million young people who currently lack access to equitable computer education.

Crusoe Energy Systems’ donation to CSforALL was made with Bitcoin that was mined by the company’s Digital Flare Mitigation methane reduction systems. The donation was made through The Giving Block, a platform that allows charities to seamlessly accept cryptocurrency-based donations. The Denver Cohort is also supported by individual friends and affiliates of Crusoe Energy Systems.

Crusoe believes that technological progress and computing-driven innovation have enormous potential to improve the quality of life and advance human prosperity. Crusoe’s company provides the IT infrastructure necessary to enable this future without environmental costs. By investing in CSforAll, he is giving today’s students the tools to achieve the next era of computing breakthroughs.

Lochmiller added, “We view the CSforAll Accelerator Program as an opportunity to empower students in our local community to become the next generation of great innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs.”

More information:

Please contact [email protected] or visit to learn more, and follow Crusoe on Linkedin and Twitter.

About Crusoe Energy Systems Inc.:

Crusoe is on a mission to align the future of computing with the future of climate. We pioneer clean computing infrastructure that reduces both the costs and environmental impact of the growing global digital economy. By freeing up stranded energy sources to power crypto, the cloud and data centers, we are creating a future for compute-intensive innovation that reduces emissions rather than increasing them. The world’s appetite for calculation, energy and progress will never cease to grow. Crusoe is here to energize ideas in ways that meet the needs of our climate.

About CSforALL:

CSforALL is the national hub of the computing-for-all movement with a mission to make high-quality computing an integral part of K-12 education in the United States. We partner with various stakeholders leading IT initiatives across the country to support and facilitate the implementation of rigorous, inclusive and sustainable IT.

Please contact Holly Gordon: [email protected] or visit to learn more, and follow Crusoe on Linkedin and Twitter.

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