January 6 committee exposed Donald Trump – will Democrats benefit?

The damning revelations about Donald Trump during the Jan. 6 public committee hearings didn’t stop Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) from calling on those with additional information about the alleged actions and crimes of the former president to come forward.

“I know the information we presented last week is shocking – the idea that a President of the United States would orchestrate a scheme to stay in power after the people removed him from office,” Thompson said. .

“We are able to present this information because many witnesses cooperated with our investigation. But the point is, there are more people with direct knowledge — with evidence — relevant to our investigation. So, I ask those who might be on the cooperative fence to contact us,” he said.

Thompson’s remarks came after damning evidence – including testimony from former Trump allies – further exposed the former president’s role in the deadly riot at the US Capitol as lawmakers sought to certify the 2020 presidential election results.

Nevertheless, Trump, even in defeat, continues to maintain a stranglehold on the Republican Party, as many of the candidates he backed and endorsed prevailed in recent elections in states like South Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan. Texas.

And as President Joe Biden’s popularity numbers stagnate, Democrats could suffer significant losses in the upcoming midterm elections.

Meanwhile, speculation has swirled about a possible Trump triumph in 2024.

“Democrats find themselves in an unenviable political position right now,” said Andrew Torrez, legal communicator and host of the “Opening Arguments” podcast.

“President Biden’s approval ratings are 10 points under water and the incumbent typically loses seats in midterm elections,” Torrez said. “If the underlying dynamic doesn’t change, Democrats are looking to lose both houses of Congress in November, followed by two years of filibuster by Republicans and a loss at the polls – potentially to Trump – in 2024.”

Michael Montgomery, a Detroit-based consultant and educator, observed that Trump “has got the Republican base in his back pocket.”

“They hate the same people he does and believe his lies,” said Montgomery, who teaches at the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s College of Education, Health and Human Services.

“His campaign lies have sunk so deeply into the Republican base that they are now articles of faith for most Republican voters and candidates looking to woo them,” Montgomery said. “Trump’s hold on the party will not be broken until he produces multiple catastrophic losses. Until then, establishment Republicans will mostly remain tight-lipped.

Samantha Crunkilton, an e-commerce software professional and community activist who serves on the board of directors of the Nevada Federation of Democratic Women, called Trump’s grip on the GOP frightening.

“It has been interesting and chilling to see Trump’s grip on the GOP even after two years and as the Jan. 6 committee hearings unfold,” Crunkilton wrote in an email.

“The GOP has spent decades whittling away at the justice system and gerrymandering their districts to keep control of their minority,” she said. “They are also very solid and consistent on messaging [and say] the party line again and again – the rhetoric of the last few years of “us versus them”, “the system doesn’t work” and “retreating freedoms” is powerful. Trump was the best at it.

Moreover, “Trump’s grip on the GOP will certainly earn him the nomination,” said historian and political scientist William S. Bike.

Bike, the author of “Winning Political Campaigns,” thinks Trump and Biden are heading for a rematch in 2024.

“[Trump] will motivate the Republican base like no other Republican candidate could,” Bike said. “However, he will also motivate Democrats to come out like no other Republican candidate could. So expect dire predictions from both sides – fear-based campaigns predicting disaster if the other candidate wins.

“The days of the gentlemanly campaigns of naysayers like Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter are dead and gone,” he said. “The campaigns are all-out war now and that’s another thing Republicans love.”

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