Scorn emerges from the darkness for a new trailer

Ebb Software showed off a new trailer for Scorn during today’s Xbox Games Showcase, and the first-person horror adventure continues to be as disturbing as ever.

Drawing clear lines inspired by famed artist, HR Giger, Scorn features some of the same unnerving imagery that is part of the art of movies like Extraterrestrialin which biological and mechanical elements seem to merge.

The new trailer continues to embrace these elements, with more than a little body horror mixed in for good measure. The video shows numerous examples of disconnected human appendages attached to strange machines and non-human creatures. And the protagonist appears to be horribly mutilated in the brief glimpses we get of his arms and other body parts.

Ebb has said in the past that Scorn aims for a cohesive “lived in” world, where players are dropped into the depths upon arriving and trying to figure out what’s going on even in the spaces they explore. The environments are said to be labyrinth-like, and the individual regions are open and explorable, but interconnected with other distinct spaces.

The developers also tout the game’s focus on full-body awareness. Rather than just having objects floating around the world and magically picking them up, each object is an actual thing for your character to lift or move with their own hands, which will hopefully lead to greater feeling of immersion. And, given the subject matter, a probably greater sense of worry.

While the environment and creature design are certainly impressive, I still have a number of questions about the gameplay nature of the project. I can’t wait to learn more about the nature of the puzzles and characters that are part of the surreal game world, but this latest trailer isn’t illuminating either.

Scorn is heading to Xbox Game Pass, but more generally will be available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and on the Cloud when it releases on October 21, 2022.

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