Cool, state-of-the-art AI videos will change the way companies communicate with their employees

Think of all the corporate training, HR, and compliance videos you’ve had to watch in your career. They tend to be long, boring, and bland. You’re looking at a combination of stock photos and bad actors talking about business issues they clearly don’t care less about.

You feel like it’s a game. The company needs to prove you watched a safety video, so that if there are future accidents, leaders can claim they did their job in creating videos and asking workers to sign off acknowledging they watched them, even if they took a nap. this.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way companies communicate with their teams

D-ID is a world leader in creating cutting-edge, AI-powered digital human reconstruction and creative media technologies. The Israel-based tech startup is launching a new platform that produces unique and personalized e-learning, corporate training and AI marketing video content. A corporate training video is no longer a dreaded task, as its software “automatically” brings to life a photorealistic avatar of the CEO or HR professional.

The startup offers an unlimited choice of virtual human instructors who can speak in any language using sophisticated technology. The platform makes the C-Suite materials and speakers appear relatable.

This feature also helps leaders connect with their distributed workforce, providing a wide range of presenters representing diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Synthetic media saves a lot of creative time, cost, and effort compared to old-school corporate videos. Synthetic media, also known as AI-generated media, refers to any media created or modified by algorithmic means and artificial intelligence.

Videos cost less and can quickly send a message

Companies spend a small fortune to create video presentations. You have to find and hire actors and a film crew. D-ID changes this model. Using AI, companies can create engaging and engaging training and internal communication videos in just seconds. Videos can be made using any image, including photos of employees, outside spokespersons or by taking advantage of the millions of images available online. Images are accompanied by text and realistic sound to create customizable photorealistic avatars and can easily be edited and updated.

TikTok is a great example of how online news consumption has changed dramatically. The global social media platform has shown that people want fast, fun and engaging entertainment, as well as informative content. In 2021, TikTok overtook YouTube in terms of viewers. The business community is waking up to change.

Bringing old family photos to life, creating real connections

D-ID Co-Founder and CEO, Gil Perry, said of the new venture, “Entering the field of corporate training, D-ID is now disrupting another vitally important segment, providing companies and B2B customers a way to truly connect with their workforce. Perry added, “Video-generated content that is more personalized, has the potential to change the way we feel about our workplaces, giving it a relatable and welcoming element. Our offering, in addition to providing significant time and cost savings, provides the opportunity for a more human connection at a time when so many feel disengaged. »

You may have already seen the work of D-ID. The new venture follows Perry’s successful launch of Deep Nostalgia. The fast-growing tech company takes old family photos and creates touching live-action videos. Its software has breathed new life into images using AI and sophisticated technology. The synthetic media project has garnered around 100 million views.

D-ID has added another feature called LiveStory. Using dynamic photos, family members can now tell the story of the life they lived decades ago. The AI ​​synchronizes facial expressions and speech, as if the long-lost relative is in the room with you. The feature can also create a slideshow with background narration.

Perry said, with LiveStory’s documentary-like videos, “You can ask people to talk about their life story. It was obvious that we needed to do something bigger with MyHeritage. First, we have proven that we do amazing things together. And two, it’s the perfect fit.

The startup has used its software to make a significant impact with public awareness campaigns. This included Listen to my Voice, which offered a voice to victims of domestic violence, and Letter to Myself, which provided a powerful message to people living with HIV.

New partnerships

D-ID’s innovations have captured the attention of top organizations. Warner Bros. Pictures, GoodTrust, Publicis and Mondelēz (formerly Kraft Foods) and Josh, India’s version of TikTok, have partnered with the Tel Aviv-based company.

Sensitive to the issues of “deep fakes”, D-ID has a policy of preventing abuse of its technology. Users will need to authenticate and may be removed from the platform for breaking the rules. To show transparency, the videos will have a watermark clearly indicating that they were created with synthetic media.

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