Clipchamp Video Editor gets a new logo

If you’ve been using Clipchamp recently, you may have noticed that the service now has a new logo. Inspired by Windows 11, the new logo features touches of Fluent Design, while making it a bit more obvious as to how it’s a video editor.

This new Clipchamp logo has a white background and a purple film slate (which is the object used by directors in film production.) It’s a nice change from the old logo, which didn’t really suggest that Clipchamp was a video editor. As a reminder, this old logo was rather a “C” to highlight the company’s own brand image. This new logo aligns with Microsoft’s own app identities, especially since Clipchamp is owned by the Redmond giant.

In addition to the new logo, the Windows 11 PWA app for Clipchamp also has a new splash screen. The screen appears on the first launch and asks for authorization to sign in to the Microsoft account or another third party.

All in all, it’s really nice to see that Microsoft is now adding more of its own touches to Clipchamp, making it clear that it owns the service. If you’re curious about Clipchamp, check out our hands-on review and the podcast episode where we talk about the experience.

(Thanks, NopWORKS for the tip!)

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