Milliman Adds Emergency Savings Program, SecureSave, to Financial Wellness Offering for Retirement Plan Customers

SEATTLE, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Milliman, Inc., a leading actuarial, consulting and benefits administration company, today announced that it will add SecureSave™, an emergency savings program , the financial wellness services offered to its network of pension plan clients .

SecureSave is a financial technology platform that allows individuals to build emergency savings through an employee benefits platform. Through the SecureSave platform, employees can create free personal emergency savings accounts through the payroll deduction facility, receive matching contributions from their employer, and access their money when they need it. . SecureSave user saves on average $103 a month to an emergency savings account.

“I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that an emergency savings account is the key to a life of financial security,” said Suze Orman, recognized personal finance expert, host of the “Women & Money” podcast, and co-founder of SecureSave. “For us, SecureSave is more than just a company or a technology product. We believe that everyone deserves to live a life of financial security and it starts with creating and managing an emergency savings account. .”

“We are pleased to work with SecureSave to offer an emergency savings account to complement our clients’ retirement plan strategies,” said Janet McCune, director of Milliman and a leader in benefits administration products. “Emergency Savings offers participants an essential alternative to loans or plan withdrawals, and is a key component in helping people create healthy financial outcomes. Easy access to emergency funds today enables participants to preserve their 401(k) savings for the future.”

“We are excited to launch SecureSave for Milliman customers,” adds Devin Miller, CEO and co-founder of SecureSave. “Americans are more stressed than ever about their finances, and we believe emergency savings is poised to be one of the most crucial employee benefit programs offered by employers. SecureSave is purpose-built for employers who are actively interested in the financial success of employees, but it is an excellent attraction and retention tool for employers in a competitive job market.”

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