FCSO implements program to help inmates improve their lives

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the Northwest Florida Health Network to give inmates a chance to improve through the Prison Resilience Program.

The Prison Resilience Program attempts to change behaviors and prevent recidivism or recidivism.

The 4 week program is taught by a retired sailor.

“A lot of times they may not have the skills and they may not feel able to break the cycle that they’re in and this program is supposed to help them and lift them from that and help them become better people and to be resilient. said Franklin County Sheriff AJ Smith.

Smith said this program is different from their rehab program.

It’s not about fighting drug addiction, it’s about teaching the inmate how to improve.

“We hope it will make them a better person, that they don’t commit crimes and that they don’t come back to prison, that’s the goal, to reduce the number of people who come back to prison,” Smith said. .

Devin Trawick, 23, has been in and out of jail since he was 13.

Trawick is in week two of the program and he said it was unlike any other program he had ever experienced.

“I went to a few different juvenile drug treatment centers, they try to teach you different things, different ways to change your way of thinking, but all they taught me wasn’t really about life, everything these guys really teach them about life,” inmate Devin Trawick said.

Each week the program tackles a new topic for three to four hours a day, they learn about spiritual, mental, physical and emotional resilience.

“Well, I hope I can take the things that they’re teaching me now and bring them to the streets and not end up here, use the ways they teach us to think so we don’t go back to doing the same things again. I’ve done all my life,” Trawick said.

Sheriff Smith hopes this will help inmates who have been in and out of jail their entire lives.

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