Google teases a real video editor for its Chromebooks

Chromebooks may have better battery life, better security, and better performance than MacBooks and Windows PCs, but video editing has always been their weakness. That may soon change, as Google recently teased a real video editor for Chrome OS at the annual I/O Developer Conference.

As mentioned at around 18 minutes into a “What’s New in Chrome OS” video, Google announces that it plans to bring LumaFusion to Chromebooks. This video editor is already hugely popular on iOS, but Google says it has worked closely with the app’s developer to create a “powerful Android multitrack video editing experience optimized for large screens” on Chrome OS.


“With LumaFusion, Chrome OS users will be able to process multiple 4K media tracks and access a range of audio and video effects such as scaling, rotation, scale keys, transparency, etc.”, Google said in the video.

Google followed up in this video to showcase LumaFusion in action. We can see that an individual is using an HP Chromebook and dragging media stored in a timeline into LumaFusion using his fingers. The person then adds a background effect, title, transitions, and other video effects. This all happens with almost no lag throughout the short segment, although we can’t tell if it’s been tweaked to reduce wait times.

As Chrome Unboxed pointed out, this is one of many featured apps that Google is pushing for Chrome OS this year. However, Google didn’t provide a solid release date for LumaFusion on Chromebooks, simply stating that it’s “coming soon.”

The arrival of LumaFusion on Chromebooks helps bridge the gap that many might encounter when jumping into the ecosystem for the first time. Google has already teamed up to bring Steam to Chrome OS, and by bringing a true video editor to the platform, it can now dive into the creator market which is typically dominated by much higher-end Windows and Mac systems. .

Google also announced more software updates for Chrome OS later this year. These updates aim to bring Android and Chromebooks closer together with the ability to share photos, stream communication apps, and quickly pair accessories between devices.

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