Inside Scotland’s deadly underworld gangs fighting for control behind bars

SCOTLAND’s most feared hoods fight for control of the underworld from their prison cells after a wave of convictions shattered their criminal networks.

Among the ruthless thugs serving their sentences across the country is Glaswegian Christopher Hughes, 33, who has links to murderous cartels in Colombia and Morocco as well as the Italian mafia.


The Hoods fight for control of the Scottish underworld from their prison cellsCredit: Getty
Gangsters hit on drug and gun charges plus executions


Gangsters hit on drug and gun charges plus executions

His nailing on the murder of Dutch crime figure Martin Kok sees him the latest in a long line of great mobsters retired from the streets.

Here we take a look at some of the most prolific gangsters – nicknamed The Deadly Dozen – who have been swept up in recent years by Scottish cops and international criminals.


Christopher Hughes


Christopher HughesCredit: PA

ONE of the last high-profile crooks to be caged, Hughes was framed for the shooting murder of crime blogger Martin Kok, 49, in the Netherlands in 2016.

The big gangster, 33, was arrested in Italy in January 2020 and jailed for at least 25 years by Stirling High Court on Friday.

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As well as murder, Hughes, of Glasgow, was found guilty of importing drugs and possessing firearms, prohibited weapons and ammunition.

The hood got away before a superweed gave the cops vital information that helped catch him.

The snitch also helped frame Jordan Owens, 27, in the fatal shooting at the playground of Jamie Lee, 23, in Castlemilk, Glasgow, in 2017.

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Cogne: 25 years.

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Martyn Fitzsimmons


Martyn Fitzsimmons

SOLDIER turned gang thug ‘Fitzy’ was caged for 10½ years in January 2018 for his role in a £200m drug supergang.

Crime clan associate Daniel – who served in the Forces between 1997 and 2008 – was nailed with a Glock handgun and ammunition, along with £36,000 of dirty money.

The 41-year-old, from Dennistoun in Glasgow, was one of eight mob members caged for a total of 87 years in January 2018 for serious organized crime.

The gang imported a ton of cocaine into Scotland every year and were involved in kidnapping, torture, guns and drugs.

They were trapped after detectives uncovered a weapons stash in Glasgow that linked them to a brutal attack on supergrass Robert Allan.

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Fucked: 10 and a half years


Zander Sutherland


Zander Sutherland1 credit

SUTHERLAND – the son of late Glasgow crime boss Jamie Daniel – was caged in 2015 for dealing drugs between 2011 and 2015.

He was last seen in public carrying his father’s coffin as he was handcuffed to G4S security guards in 2016 after Daniel Snr died of cancer aged 58 .

Sutherland gave evidence at a recent murder trial implicating Daniel’s murdered enforcer Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll as the hitman who castigated Jamie Campbell in Drumchapel, Glasgow, in 2006.

We told how Carroll – Sutherland’s brother-in-law – was shot dead in the Asda parking lot in Robroyston in 2010.

Linked to: Gang Daniel.

Cogne: 13 and a half years old.


Neil Anderson


Neil Anderson

ANDERSON, 45, was nailed by a jury last July for the murder of drug dealer and gym boss Gary More.

CCTV had shown Anderson, from Bothwell, Lanarkshire, arriving at More’s home in Airdrie in a hired Berlingo van just before the fatal shooting.

He was seen eating crisps and chatting with the victim outside.

A white Skoda pulled up and a mysterious gunman jumped out, hitting More, 33, in the head and neck.

Linked to: The Lyon crowd.

Fucked: 21 years, nine months.




William “Buff” Paterson

PATERSON, 42 – a close associate of crime boss Steven Lyons – was jailed for at least 22 years in 2015 for shooting Daniel’s enforcer Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll, 29, dead in an Asda car park in Robroyston , Glasgow, in 2010.

A masked gang blasted the dreaded thug with a rain of 13 bullets.

Paterson fled to Spain ten days after the brazen murder but later agreed to return to the UK to face justice.

He was convicted of murder following a trial in Glasgow High Court and sentenced to a mandatory life sentence.

Linked to: Lyons crew.

Cogne: 22 years old.


Marc Richardson


Marc Richardson

COCAINE kingpin Richardson, 35, was jailed in 2019 for his role in an Edinburgh organized crime gang considered “the most sophisticated police Scotland has encountered”.

He has been slapped with a serious crime prevention order – nicknamed a super Asbo – which means he will be subject to strict checks when he finally comes out.

His latest spell behind bars follows a ten-year sentence in 2010 when he was ensnared in a £2million cocaine and heroin sting.

He was caught working on a crack stash with a market value of £700,000.

We told in 2018 how Richardson then wanted to lead terrorist cops and a force helicopter on a high-speed car chase through Glasgow before being stuck in Springburn.

Related to: Daniel mob

Cogne: Eight years, nine months




Robert “Birdman” O’Hara

Baron HEROIN O’Hara was caged in 2005 for at least 20 years after ordering a hit on 25-year-old Paul McDowall, who was stabbed to death in Possilpark, Glasgow.

The victim was ambushed near his home, while one of his attackers was in telephone contact with the boss.

Imprisoning him in Glasgow High Court, Judge Lord Dawson told O’Hara: “You have literally terrorized a whole area of ​​the city of Glasgow and reaped substantial rewards.

O’Hara was also charged with drugs and firearms.

Linked to: Unknown

Fucked: 20 years


Morton Eadie


Morton Eadie

THE Mr Big acted as a getaway driver for hitman John Kennedy during the execution of Kenny Reilly.

Eadie, 56, was jailed for 22 years after being found guilty of murdering suspected drug dealer Reilly, 29, in Maryhill, Glasgow, in April 2018.

Eadie Sr became embroiled in the feud after it was claimed a woman close to his son Darren slept with Reilly.

The smug gangster, from Glasgow, tried to dodge justice by flying to Alicante, Spain days after the hit.

He was so confident he would walk free after his trial that he parked his Fiat 500 outside Edinburgh High Court.

The engine then had to be recovered on his behalf during his descent.

Linked to: Unknown.

Cogne: 22 years old.


Darren Eadie


Darren Eadie

VENGEFUL Eadie is serving at least 24 years for his role in one of Scotland’s most notorious gang hits of recent years.

He teamed up with his gangster father Morton Eadie, John Kennedy and Ross Fisher to take down rival hood Kenny Reilly in Maryhill, Glasgow.

Eadie, 30, and his team rushed into a planned execution of the 29-year-old, who was riddled with bullets while sitting in a pal’s car in 2018.

We told how the mob was nailed in February for the murder – sparked by an alleged feud over money and claims Reilly assaulted a pal and slept with a girl close to Eadie.

Linked to: Unknown.

Fucked: 24 years old.


John Kennedy


John Kennedy

UNDERWORLD sources say gang slayer Kennedy was a notorious “hitman” before he was caged for the shooting of Kenny Reilly in 2018.

The 41-year-old fled to Jamaica just 48 hours after pulling the trigger on Maryhill Road in Glasgow below, with mob cronies helping to keep him in the shadows.

When Kennedy was arrested, he had a phone containing Encrochat software – the secure, encrypted messaging app used by criminal gangs to plan sinister plots.

A source said after his sentencing: “Kennedy is a well-known hit man. He doesn’t really have allegiance, he does it for the money.

Related to: No allegiance.

Cogne: 26 years old.


Jean Hardie


Jean Hardie

HARDIE, 38, is serving 20 years after being caged with five other goons involved in a turf war that exploded into violence.

The demon was part of the gang that chased Steven ‘Bonzo’ Daniel up to 100mph through Glasgow before slicing their rival gangland leader’s face with a machete, leaving him disfigured.

Bonzo’s injuries were so horrific that cops initially thought he had been shot at close range.

In August last year, Hardie was caught with illicit mobile phones in his cell at HMP Shotts in Lanarkshire, earning him a six-month run for his life.

The earliest he could be free is 2037 when he turns 53.

Linked to: Lyons gang.

Coupe: 20 years.


Robert Pickett


Robert Pickett

FEAR Lyons hood Pickett is bumped into Kilmarnock where it is claimed he runs the nick alongside his son-in-law Christopher Kavanagh.

Pickett, 56, from Paisley, was caged for 16 years in 2019 for a series of murder bids on rivals, including a machete attack on Steven ‘Bonzo’ Daniel.

Kavanagh was jailed in July 2019 for seven years after he admitted stabbing a police informant in Paisley for passing on information about Pickett.

A plea deal saw charges dropped against Pickett, one of six Lyon hoods jailed for a total of 104 years for a series of murder plots against Daniel members.

I was raped by my stepfather when I was a teenager but my mother called me a liar
BGT fans all have the same complaint about Lorraine Kelly's impression

Linked to: The Lyon crowd.

Fucked: 16 years old.

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