PlayStation may implement ads in free games

Sony has a large catalog of free games available game stationBut it looks like they will have a renovation in the near future. End of 2022If the rumors are true. The Japanese giant is preparing to implement ads in games free to play of the House.

Information from interested in trade, who cited three sources familiar with the matter. The company would test partners to help create ads in their games through its software development program. These advertisements will be sold on a private market.

Can you imagine the ads spread across the Fortnite map? (Source: clone)

According to sources, the idea has already been discussed in the company for 18 months and aims to encourage PlayStation developers to continue creating experiences. free to play. Their demand has increased during the period of social isolation imposed by the pandemic.

According to Car, the goal is for the “ads” to appear as if they were part of the game itself – like the digital billboards in sports stadiums, for example. Formats may include advertisements that reward viewers for viewing, such as in-store discounts in the gameExclusive skins and avatars.

Finally, it should be noted that Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so treat the text with caution.

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