Activision Blizzard Appoints New Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Activision Blizzard has named Kristen Hines, former head of Accenture’s Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity practice, as Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. This news comes after months of lawsuits that detail harassment, discrimination and more within the company, and after last week’s announcement that the publishing studio giant is converting all insurance testers. US-based quality into full-time employees with benefits and increased pay. In addition to lawsuits and workplace changes, this news comes after Raven Software attempted to unionize after about a dozen of its contract QA employees were laid off. However, Activision Blizzard chose not to voluntarily recognize Raven’s syndicate.

“Hines joins Activision Blizzard from Accenture where she most recently led the Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity practice, and served on the company’s global leadership team for the CEO transformation practice,” reads a press release from Activision Blizzard. “In this role, she has helped organizations establish and strengthen their own [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] strategies and capabilities, ensuring success through integration with the business, data-driven accountability, and continuous feedback loops between leaders and employees. She brings more than two decades of experience working with a variety of clients and industries, and has focused on large-scale business and culture transformation, talent strategies, and mergers and acquisitions for customers across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Hines says the game has the potential to connect communities around the world and showcase heroes from all walks of life, and that she looks forward to playing a part in “broadening the landscape for the talents who bring these compelling experiences to a large player base.

Bobby Kotick, the controversial CEO of Activison Blizzard who allegedly knew of the publisher’s history of sexual misconduct and said he would consider quitting if the company’s workplace issues aren’t resolved quickly (although Activison Blizzard walkouts demanding her resignation have taken place before), says Hines Her success in similar roles at other companies makes her the “right person to make sure we meet our commitments to of diversity, equity and inclusion” in order to “build a model workplace aligned with our values”.

“In this role, Hines will reinforce ongoing work with the company’s leadership team and its employee resource groups to implement programs and policies that promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. “, says a press release. “Hines will also partner with all game teams to ensure diverse and inclusive perspectives are included in game design, including storylines, character development, gameplay, and community interaction.

“Hines will play a crucial role in continuing Activision Blizzard’s commitment to increase the percentage of women and non-binary people in its workforce by fifty percent over the next five years.”

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