The Container Store Launches New Tier-Based Loyalty Program

Diving Brief:

  • To help attract new customers and deepen relationships with existing customers, The Container Store on Thursday launched a new tiered loyalty program called Organized Insider.
  • The loyalty program will offer benefits such as receipt-free returns, anniversary discounts, exclusive access to products and events, and priority shopping. The program offers three tiers based on annual consumer spending — Enthusiast (spending $0-$299 per year), Experienced ($300-$999), and Expert (over $1,000) — and each offers various benefits, depending on a company press release.
  • The original organization retailer has also introduced a new mobile app, which allows customers to check loyalty status, view available rewards, shop and get retailer updates.

Overview of the dive:

With the launch of the tier-based loyalty program and mobile app, The Container Store has succeeded promises made earlier this year.

“We’ve redesigned our loyalty program to give our customers even more benefits than before while designing a program that’s easy to understand and easy to access,” said Melissa Collins, chief marketing officer of The Container Store, in a statement. “The new tier-based model will encourage repeat purchases and attract new customers. Organized Insider and our new mobile app are essential parts of our overall customer experience.”

The new loyalty program comes just over a month after the host company introduces a new logoa new slogan, “Welcome to the Organization”, and a national brand campaign.

In a move apparently targeting young customers, The Container Store launched the campaign on TikTok and created its first hashtag challenge on the platform dubbed #ShowUsYourDrawers. The retailer recruited influencers and partners like Drew Barrymore, The Home Edit, Marie Kondo and Cassandra Aarssen to participate in the challenge.

To further spur growth, the company announced in January the acquisition of a home closet storage and organization company Closet Works for $21.5 million. CEO Satish Malhotra said at the time that the acquisition was part of an effort to double the company’s sales.

The Container Store, like other retailers selling home goods, benefited early in the pandemic when more consumers were stuck at home. However, growth seems to be slowing down. During its most recent quarter, the retailer said net sales of $267.3 milliondown 3% year-over-year, but up 16.9% from 2019. The company’s net profit fell 30.4% year-over-year to amount to $13.7 million.

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