TJ Benson makes shortlist of writers for Iowa International Writing Program

Nigerian writer and visual artist TJ Benson is among the shortlisted writers for the University of Iowa International Writing Program 2022.

TJ Benson is the author of The Madhouse and has published articles in Transition Magazine, Saraba, Jalada Africa, Catapult, Bakwa Magazine.

Others are Khadija Abdalla Bajaber (fiction writer, editor: Kenya); Yasser Abdel Hafez (novelist, journalist, publisher; Egypt); Abdelaziz Errachidi (fiction and non-fiction; Morocco) and Tariro Ndoro (poet, fiction, non-fiction; Zimbabwe)

The university, in a statement, said that since 1967, more than 1,500 writers from more than 150 countries have participated in IWP’s fall residency.

The aim of the IWP is to provide authors with a one-of-a-kind cross-cultural opportunity and the time and space to write, read, translate, study, conduct research, travel, give readings, stage works and be part of the vibrant literary and scholarly community at UI and in Iowa City, the first U.S. city designated as a UNESCO City of Literature, in part because of IWP’s presence.

The University of Iowa’s International Writing Program prides itself on being the oldest and largest multinational writing residency in the world. Each year, the IWP brings together 30-35 emerging and established writers from around the world to participate in the unique cross-cultural experience of the Fall Residency. Over the course of 10 weeks, in addition to working on their own projects, writers give readings and talks that share their work and cultures, collaborate with artists from other genres and art forms, and travel and interact with the American public and literary communities across the United States. states.

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