Publisher CHOICE simplifies finding the cheapest groceries by revealing Australia’s cheapest supermarket

As the cost of living continues to rise across the country, more and more Australians are on the prowl when it comes to shopping for groceries at great prices.

CHOICE editor Margaret Rafferty joined The morning show to reveal the findings of the consumer advocacy group after comparing prices between Australia’s biggest supermarkets, Coles, Woolworths, ALDI and IGA.

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Ms Rafferty revealed that ALDI is the cheapest supermarket across the board, but explained that there are several factors to consider for grocers looking for a bargain.

“We have to compare, identically, and when we only look at national brands which are obviously not always available at ALDI,” she revealed.

“Woolworths had the cheapest basket compared to Coles but they were very close the two obviously do a lot of price comparison so price differences tend to come down to weekly promotions and it’s important to keep an eye out above.

“But what we found was that the Woolies basket was around $140, the Coles basket was around $144.”

CHOICE editor Margaret Rafferty reveals the cheapest supermarkets to shop for Credit: SMT

Ms Rafferty also advised shoppers looking to tighten their belts to consider buying more ‘house’ or ‘house’ brands when it comes to their weekly shopping as the average basket price has dropped significantly .

“When we looked at the cost of the supermarket branded baskets, ALDI had the cheapest, it was $80, but Coles and Woolies came down to around $87, so a big saving there,” he said. she revealed.

Another advice offered by CHOICE is to advise shoppers to look at the unit price of their grocery items, Ms. Rafferty explained.

“This is the price you will often find on the ticket at the front of the shelf under the item you want to buy and it gives you a price per 100 grams.

Watching the unit price of groceries can help you save money at the supermarket checkout
Watching the unit price of groceries can help you save money at the supermarket checkout Credit: SMT

“We took a look at Vegemite, which is obviously a staple in many Australian homes, and found that the 560 gram jar, the biggest jar, was the cheapest, as you could tell. wait there.

“It ended up being $1.49 for 100 grams, the other products were also reasonable, and especially the 380 gram jar, we found it on special when we checked it out at IGA and it was only $5, so $1.32 for 100 grams.

“It just goes to show that it really pays to keep an eye on these promotions,” she said.

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