Steam Deck can run Windows now, but the audio driver is not yet available

Valve has downloaded the drivers a user needs to get Windows on the Steam Deck. Currently only Windows 10 is available and dual booting is not yet possible, which means that if you opt to install Windows, it’s the only operating system you’re stuck with until you uninstall it. Valve is working on a way to make Windows 11 and dual boot work on the Steam Deck, so users can expect those features in the future.


To install Windows, users can go the route of a more irreversible SSD install or a security-focused microSD (or USB) card install. Tom’s Hardware does a great job of exploring how the setup works via either method.

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Either way, the basic method is to get the Windows drivers onto a USB flash drive (or microSD card). Access the Steam Deck boot menu by first powering off, then while holding down the volume button, press the power button again. In the boot menu, you will choose the USB drive (or microSD card) from which to install Windows. Follow the instructions from there.

As with all new features, a word of warning to users before they jump into downloading drivers: Windows drivers for Steam Deck are new and in their infancy, so for the more cautious users among us, it might be good to wait until dual-booting is available.

Also, aside from the notes and bundled drivers, Valve is unable to provide additional support for the Windows user on Steam Deck. You’ll have to rely on troubleshooting and community resources if you run into any issues. If all else fails or you’re having major issues, Valve offers a method to roll back to the original SteamOS.

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