Driver pulls away after 50ft tree smashes roof of car in Shaker Heights

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) — As far as close calls go, the one experienced by a 71-year-old woman driving through Shaker Heights during Sunday’s windstorm was about as close as it gets.

A massive oak tree that was just off Park Drive near Horseshoe Lake was knocked over during the windstorm and crushed the rear of the car as it rolled down the street.

911 callers were alarmed that there might be someone in the back seat of the Toyota, but there was none and there was concern about the possibility of electrocution from a power line who fell with the tree.

Shaker Heights police and firefighters arrived on the scene and helped the sole occupant of the car, the 71-year-old woman, walk out without a scratch, police say.

The tree had fallen, thankfully, just behind the front seats and demolished the rear of the car, with the driver averting the tragedy by inches.

Shaker police moved the woman to the back of a patrol car and an officer commented that she was very lucky.

“I know, thank God, and thank God it didn’t hit those kids coming up behind me, if it didn’t hit me it might have hit them,” she said in an audio that was picked up by the police car. on-board camera.

The woman who said there was a group of children on bicycles in the area was able to write down what she remembered of her ordeal and then asked the officer if there had been any other trees that had fallen around the city.

“First one I get the honors, okay you gotta laugh when things like that happen,” she said when told that only one tree had fallen in the town so far. here.

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