VIEWPARK GROUP Launches Off-Ramp Investment Program for Cryptocurrency Holders…


The platform accelerates investments in high-end real estate and entertainment projects.

New York, NY, March 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) New York-based virtual global media company VIEWPARK in partnership with Misc. Labs has announced its new off-ramp investment program for cryptocurrency holders in a portfolio of entertainment projects.

As the adoption and validation of the crypto and blockchain market widens and the profits of cryptocurrency holders increase exponentially, many crypto investors are looking for opportunities to bring their considerable profits back into fiat investments, but so far very few cater to the particular needs of the crypto investor. VIEWPARK GROUP has solved this problem with its new exit program which offers investors a platform to accelerate investments in high-end and unique entertainment and real estate projects coupled with a tax relief program for the exit of their holdings. in cryptocurrency.

VIEWPARK CEO Krysanne Katsoolis comments, “Our unique model of leveraging our crypto clients was born out of our direct experience with an insatiable appetite in the crypto community to engage with our one-off experiments and projects coupled with a reluctance to quit-ramping their crypto fortunes. Helping this community navigate the exit ramp and bringing them in as investors in our projects has become a big win-win for both of us.

“What I’m discovering,” comments VIEWPARK GROUP SOUNDPARK President Joseph Clarke, “is that there is a new class of investors who have made so much money in the crypto world that they don’t want only the best and are only too eager to want to invest in our projects; after all, who doesn’t want a private gig with Coldplay or Lil Nas X for example. We can now offer these kinds of high-end opportunities to this category of investors through our exit program.”

Miscellaneous Labs has developed high-level strategic partnerships with CEOs and blockchain industry leaders as well as key academic institutions to stay current with the growing Web3.0 market to capitalize on opportunities unlimited use of this new technology. Miscellaneous Comments Founder of Labs, “Partnering with Krysanne and Joseph, who are at the highest level in their industries, has allowed us to accelerate immediate opportunities to push our investors into solid investment opportunities.”

VIEWPARK GROUP is able to receive investments in all currencies and recently resides in the Prospera SEZ area on the island of Roatan, Honduras, where it can operate in a crypto-friendly environment. The group’s real estate arm, Mr Clarke LLC, is already currently in partnership with Prospera and Apolo construction to develop residential and hotel properties in the special economic zone.

VIEWPARK GROUP is a media and technology investment company for a Web3 world. Its founder and CEO, Krysanne Katsoolis, has run media companies for more than 20 years curating and distributing content across all verticals. Katsoolis’ experience includes building private and public companies, including spearheading a reverse merger on NASDAQ.

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