John Romero Launches New Doom 2 Level To Raise Funds For Ukraine

Doom II co-creator John Romero has released a new level for the famous FPS and 100% of the proceeds will go to the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Red Cross and the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund.

The last time Romero released a new level for Doom II was in 1994 when the game was released. This means that this new level, which is called One Humanity, is Romero’s first new level for the game in 28 years, as first reported. Chronicle of video games. The level can be purchased on Romero’s website and it costs about $7.

“One Humanity is a new level for the 1994 version of id Doom II software created by John Romero to support the people of Ukraine and the humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross and the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund,” writes Romero on his website.” 100% of proceeds go to these supporting initiatives. One Humanity is Romero’s first Doom II level since the original was released in 1994. The .WAD contains a readme text file along with the data Mod externals Players must have an original copy of Doom II and a modern source port to play Humanity.

As noted VGC, Romero said on Twitter that there is no cost associated with this from his end, meaning every penny spent at the level will go towards Ukraine support efforts. He said “revenue = product”.

This news comes amid an ongoing conflict in Ukraine after Russia openly attacked and invaded the country last week. This invasion began after weeks of growing tensions between the two countries. Since the initial invasion last week, hundreds of Ukrainians have been killed, and as the world watches this historic and terrifying event unfold, efforts across the game, like Romero’s, have been made to help the ‘Ukraine.

Last week, 11 Bit Studios announced that the money raised from sales of its most popular title, This War of Mine, would go to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Other developers, like GSC Game World, Bungie and many others, have since expressed their Ukrainian solidarity.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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