Can you play Halo Infinite on Steam Deck?

the steam bridge is compatible with hundreds of games, but competitive titles are another story. The big hitters like Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Apex Legends are all incompatible with the Steam Deck due to their third-party anti-cheat software or lack of developer support.

Unfortunately for Infinite Halo players looking to take their fight to the portable theater, Master Chief’s latest outing is not playable on the Steam Deck. Most recent Halo epic was tested on February 18, according to the Steam Deck Verified Games List. Reported test results Infinite Halo as not supported. The notes attached to the listing indicate that Valve is still working to support Infinite Halo.

Game Informer’s Alex Van Aken gave his first-hand account of what it was like trying to get started Infinite Halo for the first time. Van Aken was able to download the game just fine, but when it came time to load it, there was no way that would happen. The Steam Deck brought it back to SteamOS with every launch attempt.

The absence of Master Chief from the Steam Deck is a bummer, especially considering how comfortable the Steam Deck controls are, which is echoed by Van Aken. The good news is that the compatibility notes indicate that Valve may be working to fix the issue. Unlike other first person shooters which are incompatible, Infinite HaloThe notes of do not mention anti-cheat as an issue, which contrasts The Master Chief Collection‘s.

If you’re about to reserve a Steam Deck due to concerns about game compatibility, there are several ways to check. The two most convenient ways are via the Great on the Deck page and the CheckMyDeck tool. If you’re running the CheckMyDeck route, be sure to keep this guide handy.

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