It takes two passes 5 million copies sold

It Takes Two, the game of 2021 from The Game Awards 2021, has sold five million copies, according to the official Twitter account of Hazelight Studios, the software company. Hazelight last released sales figures for its game in October, when 3 million games were sold. After selling one million units in April, two million in June, and three million in October 2021, Hazelight Studios It Takes Two continues to do well, with over five million units sold since launch. Announcement on Twitter of the final sales milestone for It Takes Twos – a milestone that means the game has managed to sell an additional two million copies since Hazelight’s last sales update offering in October 2021″ now, players enjoy our game” – said the developer.

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With sales of 5 million copies, It Takes Two became the most successful Hazelight game of all time, surpassing 2018’s A Way Out which sold over 3.5 million copies. As for our 2021, It Takes Two was also fantastic, earning a nomination for Best Platformer, second place for Best Multiplayer, and first prize for Best Co-op. One of It Takes Two’s unique strengths is the built-in Friend Pass, which means you only need one copy of the game to play with anyone online. It was also pointed out that selling 5 million copies means the game has at least 10 million players, which is actually a good point.

Since the game comes with a Friends Pass which allows owners to play with a friend even if they don’t own it and is currently also available to EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, there is probably a lot of people who have also played the game. Personally, I hope the success of It Takes Two demonstrates to the industry that gamers still appreciate smaller, more focused games, as not many studios make titles like this these in the AA and AAA categories.

At launch, the game received praise from gamers and critics and ended up stealing the show by winning The Game Awards 2021 last December. It ended up surpassing several accolades such as Game of the Year, including Game Rants holding the 10 Best Games of 2021, and The Game Awards. Game Informer rated the game 9.25 out of 10, the game received “generally favorable reviews”.

It takes two

Credit @ Hazelight Studios

The game comes after the first Hazelights adventure A Way Out, which was released in 2018. After the release of A Way Out in 2018, the team decided to make another video game together as they had a more experienced and improved team and the team felt they could further improve and expand upon the game concepts presented in A Way Out.

As such, Hazelight Studios must have forgotten about branding its game. The program allowed Hazelight to retain full creative control while still getting the most profit from the game after recouping development costs. In January 2022, Hazelight Studios announced that it had teamed up with Dimitri M. Johnson and his DJ2 Entertainment to adapt the game for television and film.

Hazelight may have had to drop the game’s brand due to publisher Take-Two’s statement, but that clearly hasn’t stopped people from finding and enjoying the game. game and Hazelight themselves is that there might be a low-key puzzle game they are working on more projects due to the high number of copies sold, it also gives high hopes that “the adventure together is here to stay”. Now it’s just a waiting game to see how this will be translated into another medium. Reaching such a milestone is unique and it’s interesting to see where the studio goes next.

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