OmniPro LLC Joins AT&T’s FirstNet Dealer Program

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OmniPro LLC has joined AT&T’s FirstNet Dealer Program. As a FirstNet reseller, OmniPro can now sell FirstNet services to current and future eligible public safety customers.

To support AT&T’s efforts to provide FirstNet services to first responders under its contract with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority), AT&T has engaged a group of dealers and solution providers with deep knowledge of public safety. OmniPro’s participation in the FirstNet dealer program will help put FirstNet’s breakthrough technology in the hands of first responders across the United States

FirstNet is the national communications platform for America’s first responders and the public safety community. It is being built with AT&T in a public-private partnership with the FirstNet Authority. With this much-needed technology upgrade, first responders can connect to the critical information they need every day and in any emergency.

AT&T works closely with indirect sellers who may promote, market and co-sell FirstNet services. OmniPro was selected for its focus on mobility solutions for public safety agencies.

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About OmniPro LLC

OmniPro is a leading IT systems integrator offering a wide variety of hardware, software, services and connectivity solutions. Founded in 1991 as the San Francisco Bay Area VAR (Value Added Reseller) by Ranjan de Costa, OmniPro’s goal has always been to help schools, healthcare organizations as well as the public sector with innovative technological solutions. As one of the nation’s leading integrators today, OmniPro helps customers solve their communication problems and needs with tablets, laptops and connectivity solutions to improve safety and productivity.

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