Bitcoin Infrastructure Company Voltage Announces $6M Funding Round Led by Trammell Venture Partners, with Craft, GV and Other Investors | News

WICHITA, Kan., January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Voltageone of the leading bitcoin infrastructure companies, shut down a $6 million Seed tower. This funding round was led by Trammell Venture Partners with participation from Craft Ventures, GV (formerly Google Ventures)Stillmark, Cavalry Asset Management, Strategic Cyber ​​Ventures, Fulgur Ventures, and others.

This seed funding will be used to fund Voltage’s program next phase of growth and hiring. We will be hiring a VP of Engineering, Senior Frontend Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Backend Engineer, Operations Manager, and Business Development. The focus will be on the continued development of enterprise-grade Bitcoin and Lightning infrastructure, helping to accelerate the growth of Bitcoin scaling layers.

Voltage was launched in October 2020 in response to the need for easy-to-use Lightning infrastructure. Founder, Graham Krizek, found the lack of modern tools and services needed to expand Lightning adoption. The tension was created to fill these gaps and allow a new area of ​​construction on Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network has seen incredible growth over the past 12 months. The demand for reliable infrastructure, accessible liquidity, and scalable enterprise solutions has been paramount for the technology built on top of these new layers of Bitcoin. Voltage has helped solve these problems for companies like THNDR Games, Podcast Index, Amboss, Sphinx Chat, Zion, Carrot, and more.

“At Voltage, we are building the tools and services needed to take Bitcoin into its next phase of adoption,“says the CEO of Voltage Graham Krizek. “By creating a simple and easy way to interface with Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, we are ushering in a new wave of users and use cases. It was amazing to see the Lightning Network come to fruition and we are joined by an incredible ecosystem.We are grateful for the support of the community and will continue our mission to provide simple and scalable solutions to accelerate a Bitcoin standard.

“Founder and CEO of Voltage Graham Krizek has a strong background in enterprise cloud software engineering and building tools for developers,” said Christopher Calicottmanaging director of Trammell Venture Partners. “In 2021, against the backdrop of wider adoption of the Lightning Network, Voltage itself experienced outsized and accelerated month-over-month growth with a delighted customer base. As more developers and businesses are adopting and deploying Bitcoin and Lightning apps at scale, Graham and his team are poised to support the rapid, mainstream development and deployment of Bitcoin. Tension is uniquely positioned to increase the adoption of Bitcoin itself and , from its mission-critical infrastructure offerings, to delivering sophisticated new products and services native to Lightning through the Voltage platform in the near future.TVP is thrilled to partner with this great team at Voltage.

Calicott will also join Voltage’s board of directors.

Voltage, an infrastructure provider for Bitcoin, brings an enterprise-grade service solution to both Layer 1 and Layer 2 Bitcoin technologies. evolve its node and liquidity products.

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Trammell Venture Partnersfounded in 2016, is a Austina seed-stage venture capital firm based on investing in highly technical companies in three main areas, including Bitcoin native technologies, security and privacy technologies, and applied AI. Since 2020, TVP has focused on supporting founders by building on layers of the Bitcoin protocol stack through the first series of venture capital funds dedicated to the venture capital industry: the Fund Series. TVP Bitcoin Venture Fund.

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