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CLAIM: The video shows New York Times editor Carlos Tejada talking about taking the booster shot the same day he died of a heart attack.

FACTS: The video shows Stewart Reynolds, a Canadian comedian, and not Tejada. A humorous video of Reynolds announcing he had just taken his booster shot and encouraging people to do the same, circulated on Twitter with false claims that it shows Tejada, the deputy editor for South Asia. New York Times, who died of a heart attack in late December. “NYT EDITOR MAKES VIDEO ABOUT TAKING ITS 3RD RAPPER AND DIES SAME DAY OF HEART ATTACK,” read the erroneous caption on Reynolds’ video.

Reynolds posted the video to Twitter on Dec. 17 with the caption, “HOW MANY SHOTS WILL WE NEED TO GET?” He addressed the false claims on Twitter on Monday: “It came to my attention today that one of my videos was edited into an anti-vaccination clip suggesting that I died after my booster shot and am an NYT editor… To clarify, and as is quite obvious: I am not an NYT editor. »

Tejada died on December 17 in a hospital in Seoul. His wife Nora Tejada said he died of a heart attack. Danielle Rhoades Ha, spokesperson for The New York Times, wrote in an email to the AP that Tejada received a COVID-19 booster shot in Seoul on December 17. The Seoul hospital to which Tejada was admitted declined to comment on his death. , citing local medical law.

– The Associated Press

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