Local entrepreneurs present Neuwly – a new app to explore the world and events through live streaming


The updated iteration of Neuwly actually offers people with COVID restrictions the ability to attend events and learning opportunities or discover faraway places, without leaving their homes, as well as share their experiences. own experiences.

Neuwly co-founder Steven Christensen explains that the new app he and his partner have come up with is based on experiences, events and talents and sharing those experiences.

“The concept stems from the belief that my co-founder and I have, that when people travel – discover the world, different cultures and different ways of life, they become better humans because they are able to see how people live. and do things, see how cultures exist and this is one of the most amazing things we have to experience as human beings. ”

“The problem we all face is that the world isn’t as accessible as many of us would like, whether it’s due to COVID, financial obligations, physical limitations, or life in general – we just don’t all get to see the world the way we would like. So with Neuwly we help people explore the world and culture through live videos. We have created a beautiful way for people to become guides, to explore the world and to take others with them, even if the “others” are not physically there.

In short, the Neuwly app allows you to experience world places and a variety of events without leaving home and gives you the ability to act as a guide for others, during your own experience.

Christensen says the app launched at the end of the summer.

“We had to start from scratch – throw everything away – so the new project took a lot longer than expected, but it’s now live and we’re working hard to make it grow. We went into a beta after eight months and it took us about 12 months to get something that we were really proud of and could start pushing, which started in September. ”

At this point Neuwly is a two-person company, Steve and his co-founder Greg Stonehocker working together and hiring tech help to fill in the gaps. Those who are interested can find the app online and on whatever social media platform you use, Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok and on the Neuwly.com website. In the IOS store, people can download the app and use it there.

As for the premise behind Neuwly, Christensen elaborates.

“When we launched Neuwly (the most recent version), because it was live streaming video, all of a sudden the world was kind of our oyster – we had the opportunity to say – hey, if you are a guide anywhere in the world you can list us on the platform, and if you are a user anywhere in the world you can just buy it and go do the experience.

“We’ve been very lucky to have tours in Scotland, the Netherlands, Italy, coming to Russia, and of course the US and Canada – all over the world really – so it’s amazing now. as we have the live broadcast we can somehow teleport anytime, anywhere with anyone and discover the world through our phones at the moment.

Christensen says enthusiastically that they like where they started and that they hope this is something people will use on both the guide side and the spectator side all over the world.

LNN asked him if there was an opportunity to collaborate with tourism companies and tour guides.

“We have reached out and there are so many great opportunities for collaboration. Ultimately the world of tourism wants something like this, so this is where we are 100% focused. Now that we know exactly who our customer is, we have a great fit with the product market and we can just perfect ourselves. Surprisingly, we will contact the guides and have conversations with between one and three each day.

“The app is only in its infancy, but the feedback we’re getting is amazing – guides, in particular, will say they love this concept because they want to be in charge of their own destiny.

There are other platforms that someone can experience the world on through live streaming video, but the tools, like billing or making money, aren’t presented the way we do. did it. On this platform, they are the guides of their own universe – they can list events for free, they can list events for money, they can grow their audience on Neuwly, and they can get followers – or like us. let’s call it, “build their herd” – and allow them to list a new event, to shout out to the people following them, or as a member of the herd they can see the experiences of others. ”

Christensen says they’ve already received overwhelmingly positive feedback, as a lot of people would love to see an event, experience, or place, before determining if this is really what they really want to participate in and shell out. hard earned money.

“If you are planning to go on a trip and you only have a week, that time is precious. Therefore, going blind to a real experience may not appeal to everyone – they are looking for a recommendation or advice from a virtual world experience, to say “I really liked this guide, j liked his personality and he seems to match me, so I’m going to book with this person because I already know what to expect. “

Christensen noted that everyone who is currently using the platform is individuals, but it is also open to businesses. Everything is broadcast live, so people can’t just record something and upload it to Neuwly. You have to go live and you have to use our app to do that which makes it authentic – you can have a chat with the guide as you walk through his tour.

“We recently did a tour of the Colosseum with a customer walking and talking, people were asking him questions and we also have a feature where you can put your hand up and they can invite your audio to ask questions and then they can hang up and keep on touring – it’s that relationship where you build a person-to-person experience and get real-time feedback – that’s what people love about Neuwly.

At this time, Neuwly users won’t have the option to go back and play previous tours, but the Christensen team are working to develop this feature and hope to have it in the near future.

How do they monetize the app?

“Currently, we get a commission for every reservation made. So every time someone books on our platform, we get a small commission and our guide gets 80% of the booking. But we have other ways to earn commissions and that will come as the app grows and we will determine what is most useful for our subscribers.

Steve says Neuwly is so special to him because he believes that people who see the world and other cultures and meet new people experience personal growth in their own lives.

“I love what we’re building, and there are so many people who work for travel companies and get such a small slice of the pie. I experienced this in Mexico about three years ago – we did a tour with people who took us snorkeling – it was so much fun and it cost us around $ 170 each , but the tour guides got $ 5 for the whole day – the cruise ship pockets the rest. I am very passionate about people exploring and these guides who are lucky enough to sell themselves and make money on their own can change the industry and change the lives of people on both sides.

“Users can discover experiences more effectively, while contributing to the livelihoods of local guides in economically difficult areas. This is a huge bonus!


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