Bully 2’s map would have been three times larger than the original game

According to former Rockstar developers who worked on Bully 2, the canceled sequel would have featured an open world three times the size of the original.

Former Rockstar Games devs claimed cancellation bully 2 reportedly boasted an open-world map spanning three times the size of its 2006 predecessor. The original bully was first released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2, but developed a negative reputation long before its release. Politicians, anti-bullying organizations and the likes of now-disgraced lawyer Jack Thompson spent much of the pre-launch period asking of the bully cancellation, efforts guided by a misunderstanding of the actual content of the game.

This content, which included protagonist Jimmy Hopkins’ attempts to stop bullying on the school grounds, has long left fans eager for another Bullworth Academy adventure. For years there have been rumors and speculation that Rockstar has been working on such a project, though that work never came to fruition. Now new details about bully 2 have surfaced, thanks to information shared anonymously by former staff from Rockstar’s offices in New York and New England. Apparently the cancellation bully the sequel would have proven to be quite ambitious if it had ever seen the light of day.


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game informant spoke with four former Rockstar New England developers and a former Rockstar HQ staff member on condition of anonymity. Apparently Rockstar New England, formerly known as Mad Doc Software, led the charge on bully 2 production in the late 2000s, an ambitious undertaking that would have brought the franchise up to the standards set by Grand Theft Auto IV. These ambitions revolved around a massive game, which game informant according to sources, could have rivaled the size of GTA IV open world map. Other developers insisted bully 2 boasted a map three times larger than its predecessor. By modern open-world standards, this feels rather tame; however, the New England group planned to counter the smaller footprint by focusing on depth. Players could have walked into every building in the game, for example, with an ex-developer disclosing that “if you could see it, you could walk into it.”

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Unfortunately, this version of the following bully the adventure never made it out of production. Sources who spoke to game informant alleged that Rockstar began moving its New England workforce away from the project in 2010, a move fueled by a greater emphasis placed on developing projects such as Max pay 3, launched in May 2012.

At this time, there is no official word on whether or not a version of bully 2 remains active. In fact, Rockstar Games itself never officially acknowledged the existence of the sequel by any stretch of the imagination. Hopes remain higher than ever that the 15-year-old franchise will finally be given a new lease of life.

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Source: game informant

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