How to record videos together from front and rear cameras on Android?

If you like making travel videos or Vlogs, you must have tried editing the video in PIP (Picture-in-Picture) style. Making videos in the PIP style allows you to stay in the frame while you want to show something in your videos from the other camera. We will also tell you about PIP video editors for Android smartphones.

Making videos in PIP format allows you to connect with audiences even better, but for this you need an editing machine, and traveling everywhere with a laptop or desktop is not possible. Besides, you will need some superhuman editing skills to create PIP videos. But we will tell you how to record videos together from front and rear camera on Android with ease.

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Here is how you can do it

Check if your phone’s camera app has dual recording function

Installing third-party apps can be an option for all Android users, but it would take up unnecessary space on your device. If you have dual recording feature on your phone, you can record PIP videos from there.

OEMs like Oppo and HMD Global (Nokia) offer this feature on their native camera app. In Nokia phones, you can find it by name Double view.

If you have an Oppo phone, you can find it by name Double view.

The only catch is that it is only available on certain devices.

Get a double-sided camera on PlayStore

Dual Side Camera is one of the best apps on PlayStore which can shoot videos from front and rear cameras at the same time.Capture front and back video together - android pip video editor

Just follow these simple steps and you can also install and use this amazing app on your Android device:

  1. Download the DualSide camera from PlayStore or click here.
  2. Give it camera and microphone permission, as it needs them to capture images and audio.Capture front and back video together
  3. And the last step is to press the record button if you want to record video and the capture button if you want to take a photo.

One of the downsides of the app is that it sometimes doesn’t work well on some phones.

Get the Dual Camera app: front and rear from Android PlayStore

This one is another good pip video editor for Android. It is also a very popular app if you want to make PIP style videos on the fly.

Simply search for this app on PlayStore or click here to download the application.

Once downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the camera icon in the center.Nokia PIP
  2. Choose the layout you want to shoot the video in and select the video quality.
  3. The last step is just to hit the record button.

This app works with almost all devices and can record videos in low to high resolution

And this is how you can record yourself and the things you want to show at the same time or record video in PIP mode

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