Volkswagen to upgrade Golf infotainment with new software and hardware


Volkswagen will launch a major upgrade to the often-criticized eighth-generation Golf infotainment system with new hardware and software to speed up the system and add additional voice command functions.

The latest Golf uses the MIB3 infotainment system, which was designed for a dashboard with a drastically reduced number of physical buttons. But the system has drawn criticism for its slow response and sometimes its bugs.

Volkswagen has revealed that the latest versions of the new Golf will now include an improved infotainment system with a number of hardware improvements. The changes include a more powerful system-on-a-chip (SoC), which is a new central processing unit that VW claims offers triple the graphics performance and 25% more compute capacity than the previous system.

This is linked to a major software update which includes a number of changes in the way the system works. In an effort to prevent people from selecting the wrong controls, VW has now configured the system to automatically turn off the haptic buttons and the volume slider when a user places their finger near the screen. The update also improved infrared sensors to allow gesture control at a greater distance.

Additionally, VW has made a major overhaul to the voice recognition control, which it says has been optimized to be faster and give more accurate answers to general questions. The system now better understands natural voice control. Therefore, saying “I’m cold” will cause the car to turn up the heat.

The digital microphone can now recognize the difference between driver and passenger, which means it can also adjust the air conditioning separately. The firm also claims that voice control now has a 95% comprehension rate.

The updated hardware will initially be offered on new models only, but Volkswagen has announced plans to roll out the new software to existing Golf models in the coming months.


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