Messenger Facebook manager Stan Chudnovsky leaves the company in 2022


Stan Chudnovsky from Facebook

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The exodus of Facebook executives continued on Tuesday with Stan Chudnovsky, the head of the company’s Messenger division, announcing his departure in 2022.

Facebook, now called Meta, has faced a wave of senior executive departures this year. The company faces increased regulatory oversight and a major public relations challenge following the publication of internal documents and reports illustrating how well Facebook is aware of the damage done by its services.

Deborah Liu, formerly the head of Facebook Marketplace, left in February to become CEO of David Fischer, who was chief revenue officer, announced his departure in March, as did Kevin Weil, one of the co-founders of Facebook’s Novi cryptocurrency division.

The company’s former head of advertising, Carolyn Everson, announced that she would be leaving in June and then went to the Instacart grocery delivery app as president. Fiji Simo, who was the head of the Facebook app, became CEO of Instacart after leaving Facebook in July.

Mark D’Arcy resigned as chief creative officer in August, and the following month Facebook chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer announced he would be leaving the company. In November, David Marcus, head of Facebook’s cryptocurrency efforts and previously head of Messenger, announced his upcoming departure at the end of the year. Earlier Tuesday morning, Facebook’s Workplace corporate communications software manager Julien Codorniou announced that he had left the company to go into venture capital.

The announcement of Chudnovsky’s departure comes a week after that of Marcus, both of whom came to work on Messenger after working together at PayPal. The two are very close, according to another former Facebook executive.

“I love this company and this team, and therefore making this call has turned out to be one of the toughest decisions of my life,” said Chudnovsky. “I have no plans to retire, but I look forward to taking a good several month break, spending more time with my friends, helping businesses, helping people, travel, read, explore and learn. “

Chudnovsky took over Messenger from Marcus in May 2018. He joined Facebook in 2015 as a product manager for the Messenger unit. Chudnovsky said he will stay on Facebook until the second quarter of 2022.

It will be replaced by two executives. Loredana Crisan will take on Chudnovsky’s responsibilities on Messenger, Instagram direct messaging and Messenger Kids, while Maher Saba will lead Facebook’s remote presence products, which include audio calls, video calls and the video call product for 50. people from Facebook Rooms.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable even thinking about leaving if I didn’t have a lot of amazingly talented leaders on my team who are ready to take it to the next level,” Chudnovsky said in a post.

Chudnovsky’s exit from the company was first reported by Bloomberg.


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