Siena women’s basketball ‘broken program’ loses to Colgate

LOUDONVILLE – Siena women’s basketball coach Jim Jabir spoke at length with his team after a 56-54 loss to Colgate on Thursday at the UHY Center that sent the Saints down to 0-7.

Jabir and head guard Margo Peterson entered the press conference about half an hour after the final bell. Jabir apologized and explained that he had to take care of a “cleaning”.

When asked to elaborate, Jabir had a lot to say about the ‘broken agenda’ he tries to mend in the first year of his return to Loudonville, 31 years after training the Saints for the first time. from 1987 to 1990.

“There are things that need to be worked out,” he said. “I’m a great culture guy. Culture is really important, the way we treat each other, the way we talk to each other, the way we play on the pitch, the way we wear our uniform. I mean , we have a lot of pride in these things. I do, and we’re trying to instill that now in a group that doesn’t understand that. “

“It’s part of building a broken program, and we’re going to build it,” Jabir continued. “For me, I have confidence in who I am. I know we’re going to win championships here. I want to win now for these seniors because I want them to know what it’s like to finally succeed where they are. did it. It’s been a long time. I want to give this to them, and they are just fighting against me.

Nonetheless, the Saints appeared to be in control with a 31-23 lead late in the second quarter. Then the Raiders hit Siena with an 11-0 run, including a 3-point Morgan Frank buzzer at halftime, to take a 34-31 lead early in the third quarter.

Colgate led for all but 1:05 of the second, although Siena had a chance to either tie or win in final possession. Trailing 56-54, first-year guard Imani Harris bounced the ball inside fifth-year forward Selena Philoxy, who turned into the lane for a short, contested jumper who missed a long time.

The long rebound deflected towards Harris, forced to throw a wild jumper and right side flip that missed when time expired.

“I wanted to lob at Selena, so we tried to get the defenders out of her by getting the shooters out,” Jabir said. “I thought she was open and I stand behind Imani, telling her to throw the lob.… I thought she could have grabbed it and put it down. But I probably shouldn’t have put in a first year student. years in this situation. It’s probably my fault. “

Jabir was unhappy with his players for abandoning their defensive principles. At one point he shouted, “It’s in the tracing report! After Colgate’s Alex Brodie continuously rolled to his left to beat Saints defenders.

“We’re not ready to win yet,” Jabir said. “It’s very obvious that our immaturity and lack of discipline stands in the way. Because if we were disciplined, mature and ready to win, we would be 7-0 right now. Because we weren’t blown away or outclassed by everyone and we keep giving away games. “

Peterson led Siena with 14 points, including three 3-pointers and eight rebounds. Rayshel Brown added 12 points and Amari Anthony scored 11.

“A lot needs to be done,” Peterson said. “We just need to be together as a team and keep improving, keep working hard in training and making sure that our hard work in training translates into play for a full 40 minutes, not just a half. , not just a quarter. “

Siena won’t play again until a game on December 12 at the University of Albany.

“I think it’s definitely a good thing,” Peterson said. “Like Coach said, we have a lot to understand, so this will give us time to improve.”

Tiasia McMillan collected 13 points for Colgate (2-5), chosen to finish last in the Patriot League.

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