Raider Recognition Program Recognizes Positive Student Behavior at Massena Central | Education

MASSENA – Parents at Massena Central High School may soon receive a notice in the mail regarding their students, but it is bringing good news.

A new program launched at the school recognizes students who do good things.

“Sometimes in school it’s very easy to focus on the struggling kids to the detriment of the doing well,” Principal Alan Oliver said during a presentation to parents .

To turn the tide, he said, the school launched Raider Recognition, “which is just a way to recognize kids who are positive and do the right thing all the time.”

He said it could be positive behavior, good grades, or other activities.

“So what we started to do was I asked the teachers to fill in mostly positive references and write little notes about what they saw your kid do that was awesome, which ‘They are doing in your classroom which is awesome,’ Mr says Oliver.

When he receives one of those reports, Oliver said he would photocopy it, put it on a bulletin board in the high school lobby and mail it to parents.

He showed a copy of the card that would be sent home to parents.

“If you see a card in the mail that looks like this, you can tell that someone in high school said your kid did something right, and that’s a good thing,” he said. .

Mr Oliver said it was important to let parents know how their children are doing in school, whether good or bad.

“As a parent of a high school student, as a parent of a child, period, I love to hear my child is doing the right thing, and I think everyone is doing it too,” said Mr. Oliver. “Sometimes in high school we don’t do a good enough job with it. So we’re really trying to reach out and make it part of our normal operations here. “

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