Interview with ‘CODA’ editor-in-chief Geraud Brisson: ‘Living in awkwardness’

The editing on “CODA” is very natural and discreet, and that’s exactly what the editor Geraud Brisson intended. Much like cinematography and other craft departments, the editing of the film doesn’t grab attention in an obvious way but manages to subtly guide and enhance the story nonetheless. “I think the natural rhythm of the film respects that and came out of it as well,” Brisson said in a new exclusive interview for Gold Derby. Watch the full video chat above.

“CODA” tells the story of Ruby (Emilia jones), a teenage girl who is the only hearing member of her family, including her father (Troy Kotsur), mother (Marlee matlin) and brother (Daniel Durant). One of the most difficult jobs for Brisson while editing “CODA” was creating scenes with deaf characters when they communicate through American Sign Language. Because the hearing audience needed to understand and empathize with Ruby’s family, Brisson did not add music to their dialogue scenes. As he explains, the effect was to “live in discomfort for a hearing audience not to have a world where people speak aloud with their voices.”

Elsewhere, the film features a lot of music, as Ruby desires to be a singer and decides to join the school choir to help her achieve her dreams. It’s at the school concert that Ruby’s parents begin to fully appreciate her gift, even though they can’t hear it. The scene shows the movie moving from Ruby to her parents as the sound fades, allowing us to experience things from their perspective. It was a big challenge for Brisson, who had to not only make the transition natural, but also make it emotionally effective between all the different scenarios. “It was important to establish those relationships and the story of what was going on in the audience between the parents and Leo,” says Brisson, “and also what was going on on stage between the stage and the audience and all of that stuff. . It took a long time to get there. “

Working on “CODA” was an exercise on the importance of collaboration for Brisson. Much like the characters in the film, he found it helpful to step back and see the world from a different perspective. “It’s a film where we want people to invite people,” observes Brisson. “It was a huge eye opening along the way.”

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