Ubisoft prepares for its 35th anniversary with discounts and freebies

One of the biggest video game publishers on the planet, Ubisoft, was founded in France 35 years ago: on March 28, 1986 exactly. it seems that someone today Ubisoft realized this late because, now that the anniversary has passed, it is announced a bunch of 35th anniversary celebrations.

While it’s easy to think of giants like Ubisoft as having always been there, the company grew out of what was a very successful computer mail order business. The Guillemot brothers, five in total and all co-founders, saw the rise in demand for video game software and realized that having experience in publishing and distribution, they were to embark on development.

“There was a specific job, you had to have the right game,” said Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot (appointed in 1988) Game Informer. “As mail order orders began to grow rapidly, we have moved from mail order sales to retailers keen to get products at a reasonable price. When my brother found out about the price difference, he started importing the games so we were selling them. at 50% of the price other suppliers were selling to customers. That’s how Ubisoft was created in 1986. We said, “Okay, we really have to see how we can make these games, because we know how to buy them. “We know what works, because we love to create and play these games, so we have to organize ourselves to create them.”

So Ubi Soft, first with a space between the words, an abbreviated form of Ubiquitous Software.

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Ubisoft was a success from the start: its first game, Zombi, got good press and sold well (it would later be reinvented as a launch title for the ill-fated Wii U). What really put Ubisoft on the map was Rayman, the hit platformer from 1995, which remains an active series today. Other key titles in the company’s history include Rainbow Six and the Tom Clancy lineup in general, Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed (which was born from a PoP prototype), Far Cry and Just Dance, and many more. sure, there are dozens of other series. we could add to this list.

“We are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year! 35 years of immersive worlds built for your pleasure,” reads the company’s announcement. “To celebrate we have two months of special events, giveaways and retrospectives. Join us to explore new worlds and dive back into your favorites.”

Confusingly, for an event that begins by urging you to “open your presents!” », There doesn’t seem to be much beyond some discounts, a daily raffle for the credit of the Ubisoft store, and some Ghost Recon Breakpoint beauty products. Coming up are free weekends for the publisher’s games, rewards linked to Ubisoft + accounts and, more interestingly, some kind of giveaway game. It’ll probably just be a copy of Far Cry 3 or something but hey, we can dream.

Yves Guillemot in front of a Ubisoft logo.

(Image credit: Christian Petersen (Getty Images))

The celebration comes at a time when Ubisoft faces difficult questions about the working environment in its studios, 16 months after the first serious allegations of abuse, harassment and misconduct came to light. Workers demanded faster concessions from executives this weekend after Activision appeared to have followed suit. Yves Guillemot said earlier this year that “significant progress” had been made in addressing these issues since the start of the scandal, but some remain to be convinced.

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