KVR announces the winners of their 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

KVR Announces 2021 Player’s Choice Awards for Best Audio & Midi Software

Online audio software community KVR audio announced the 2021 winners of its annual Readers’ Choice Awards. KVR, which has served the music community since 2000, has been hosting these awards since 2013, with this year’s edition receiving the most votes since the awards began! Some of the winners may surprise you, but given that there have been multiple nominees for the third year in a row, others surely won’t.

Highlights of this year’s awards include u-he, the brainchild of Berlin-based Urs Heckmann, winning Preferred developer for the third consecutive year. Dropping Hive 2.1 this year certainly helped, but given their commitment to excellence, it would have been a little surprise if they had won it even without updating their famous synth.

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Another triple turn comes via Cockos REAPER, a sequencer / multitrack app which has once again been chosen as the player Preferred audio software. The two Favorite DAW winners also complete an award treble, with Steinberg’s Cubase being selected as the Preferred DAW for production, and Ableton Live ending as Preferred DAW for performance, having also been a finalist for DAW for Production.

iZotope had a dominant position in the audio editing category – RX won Favorite audio editor (with RX 9 falling soon after!) and Ozone still winning Preferred mastering virtual effects processor. Arturia’s pigments won both Preferred MPE virtual instrument and Favorite Soft Synthesizer, while IK Multimedia’s MODO Bass celebrated its second year at the top of the Favorite virtual guitar instrument.

Whether you are a beginner hoping to learn all about audio software or a seasoned veterinarian constantly looking for new and improved ways to get your sound just right, KVR Audio is a great resource and community worth taking the time to. examine. To view all of this year’s KVR Reader’s Choice Awards winners, click here!

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