Entrinsik Informer 5.5 now in development

Entrinsik is actively working on Informer 5.5, adding many new features that enhance ease of use and global adoption.

The company presented an early access version of Informer 5.5 to its Informer Advisory Board members, which was met with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm for what’s in store, according to Madhavi Chandra, director of Informer. Inform product management.

Version 5.5 provides internationalized user interface support for Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, and German, as well as date and time support based on a user’s locale.

A new high-level global search bar makes it easy to find anything in the Informer system with just a few keystrokes. The global search bar searches all the entities in your entire Informer system and provides results in a categorized fashion.

Additionally, a new parameters bar on the Ad Hoc Query page will display parameters that support a result set with the data.

Easily interact with ad hoc queries by viewing parameters that have been entered on the same screen as query results and edit parameter entries right there. This will promote even more ease of use when interacting with ad hoc queries, Chandra said.

Query payloads are now updated at run time to use the defined field / link definitions. This will improve efficiency because changes to fields or links made at the definition level will no longer need all references to that entity removed and re-added for the changes to take effect. It will also be easier to add multiple entries to user fields assigned to a user which are then managed system-wide, including in Elasticsearch criteria and script fields.

Data set copy options are now more comprehensive and flexible. The user can choose the entities to copy: data, visuals, filters and sharing.

New scan logs based on the new log settings provided in the Log Settings dialog allow the user to determine the amount and type of specific information that will be captured in the logs, making it easier to find. exact log information you want.

Version 5.5 also extends Inform’s data source connectors and will have a new Jbase data source driver (a NoSQL multivalue database) in beta. The new driver provides the ability to analyze and query a Jbase data source and create reports and visualizations.

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