Meeami announces ClearVoice noise cancellation technology for contact centers

ClearVoice noise cancellation technology available for contact centers

Meeami Technologies (Meeami®), a pioneer and leader in AI audio, noise cancellation, speaker identification and audio analysis software, today announced that its flagship ClearVoice noise cancellation technology is available for contact center agents on laptops and desktops.

Meeami has been a pioneer and leader in speech enhancement solutions for over 20 years. Meeami’s Multi-Variate Noise Suppression (MVNS) uses a proprietary cutting-edge AI deep learning network to identify and remove many types of noise, including background noise typically found in environments working at home and in the office, call centers, driving and outdoors, etc. Speech enhancement solutions are deployed and power over 30 million devices and users.

Meeami’s Clear Voice noise cancellation technology is now available for contact centers as software on laptops and desktops. It is available as a floating license that supports Windows 10 and macOS machines. It has been specially designed to work with wired and Bluetooth headsets typically used in contact centers.

“We are very happy to announce ClearVoice for Contact Centers. Removing noise on the audio line and reducing difficult babbling noise from other agents really takes the overall call experience to the next level for customers. We believe ClearVoice can increase agent productivity an additional 10-20% by reducing noise from customers. The floating license system really helps contact centers optimize costs and plan for seasonality, ”said Pankaj Joshi, product manager at Meeami Technologies.

Meeami also provides its advanced AI deep learning based speaker identification technology, combined with its noise cancellation product, which can uniquely identify and authenticate the user for many use cases. such as: phone lock / unlock, user login, multi-factor user authentication as well as fraud detection for online purchases, banking transactions, cash withdrawals from ATMs, etc. Meeami has already delivered its Speaker ID product to over 10 million devices. Meeami Speaker ID and user authentication have broad market requirements in call centers, technical support, financial markets and e-commerce transactions and processing and much more.

About Meeami Technologies

Meeami Technologies is a leader in audio AI, noise cancellation, speaker identification and other audio analysis technologies. Meeami has over 75 granted and pending patents in these AI and audio analysis technologies. Meeami, a pioneer with over 20 years of experience in audio solutions, is a spin-off of the former media processing and real-time communications group of Imagination Technologies, is the recognized leader in communications technology platforms IP and IoT voice for voice, video and messaging applications. To see how Meeami helps OEM, IC, call center and leading carrier customers, with integrated software, mobile apps and end-to-end communication solutions, visit: .

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