Apple Prepares For General Release With iOS 15.1 Public Beta 4

It’s a week before Apple’s next big event, and just in time they released iOS 15.1 Public Beta 4.

What’s new?

While last week saw a new toggle, allowing users to turn off Auto Macro mode in cameras and the ability to capture ProRes videos, there is nothing new this week. Unsurprisingly, Public Beta 4 is more about fixing persistent (or added) bugs in iOS 15.1 Public Beta 3.

Here’s a look at everything the general public will get soon in iOS 15.1:

  • Switching Auto Macro Mode
  • The possibility of filming ProRes videos
  • SharePlay – the feature taken from the original beta and talked about extensively during Apple’s keynotes. This feature allows you to share your media with everyone during FaceTime calls.
  • Lossless audio – if you’re looking for hi-fi sound on your iDevice, this feature does just that (as long as you have AirPods Pro or Max).
  • Virtual Immunization Cards – If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that provides digital medical records, you can add your immunization card to Apple Wallet.

What is broken?

Surprisingly, the official release notes contain the same number of bugs as last week. It’s unfortunate for anyone who uses a Matter device in the Home app or, you know, wants to use their iPhone as a telephone.

  • Subject accessories notification will not work (requires restarting the Home app)
  • You may lose the sound during phone calls, followed by the call completely stopping! If this happens, switch to Airplane mode, then go back.
  • The App Store may not register that transactions are completed.
  • If you are using Voice Over, you may not be able to turn on alarms in the Clocks app.

While this isn’t a long list of bugs, the fact that the telephony bug persists for two release cycles is now concerning. I know most people don’t talk on the phone anymore, but it’s not the iPad, it’s the iPhone. It’s right there in the name of the product.

What is corrected?

While I expected to see the telephony bug fixed with this week’s release, that did not happen. This means he’ll hopefully get caught by the time the Goldbender releases next week.

And after?

The October 18 opening speech pushes the timeline for iOS 15.1 a bit, especially if it supports the AirPods 3 rumors that everyone expects to be unveiled. But that longer delay, hopefully, won’t come at the expense of any of the key features of the device it supports. If people start dropping calls on their new iPhones because of an iOS update, it’s going to lower trust, hurting the pretty stellar upgrade adoption rate that Apple has enjoyed for years.

I am convinced that the telephony error is not as bad as it looks, or not as common (I haven’t encountered it in my testing yet). Better yet, hopefully Apple will be able to locate the issue and fix it before the Golden Master releases next week.

Honestly, it’s more dramatic than what we’ve seen in a while since a beta. Hope this doesn’t last.

Want to take the iOS 15.1 beta test and see for yourself what the problem is? Read on to find out how to sign up!

How do I register?Go to the Apple Beta Program site on the device you want to enroll, sign in with your enrolled Apple ID (or create a beta account if you don’t already have one) and follow the steps, It’s that simple ! You’ll download the beta profile to your iPhone or iPad, then reboot, check for a software update, and test in no time!

Keep in mind that this is beta software and Apple makes it very clear in the agreement that you scroll down to the Agree button that it can do anything until you brick your device and corrupt your data. My public beta installation guide has all of the maintenance steps you need to take before installing the beta.

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